Ah, but a man’s reach must exceed his grasp; or what’s a heaven for?

Robert Browning

Welcome to the most ethical, most comprehensive, most innovative, and most reliable rehabilitation and restoration option available today.

We see, in each client, a superior human intelligence that fosters an innate ability to manage life purposefully, logically, and ethically.  That intelligence must, however, be stimulated and cultivated in a tough and often uncompromising reality.

Thus, we see that, in today’s world of turmoil, excessive stress, and grave uncertainty, anyone can

  • become lost in an emotional angst they cannot shake,
  • be left feeling unsure or incapable even in conditions or with people they once knew well,
  • feel forced to soothe themselves from the pain of facing such travails through the spurious and transient diversion provided by drugs, alcohol, partying, or computer gaming and social networking, getting locked into these pursuits as these will stifle other more intelligent options.

no matter how learned, how socially connected, how aesthetically charming, or how athletically strong they may be.

We sincerely believe that every human being has the full potential to accept life on its terms and grow to manage themselves through it with self-driven focus, purpose and zeal.  We, therefore, choose to teach our clients how to look for the flaw in their own development of that attitude, and correct it as the primary goal.  Then, they can manage life positively and leave old habits purposefully with their own authority.


Therefore, we do not attempt to design a lifestyle for our clients to follow.  We believe and advocate that everyone will manage positively if they know how to maintain it in the face of change and uncertainty, working to uncover these factors (different for each person) and guiding our clients to build the resources to conquer them.

Our approach to guiding and stimulating our clients is an exercise in logic, science and ontology (the nature of being).  It may sound fancy, but it means that we work with their intelligence; we do not impose ours.

Every appointment is conducted in a discreet ambience that allows both privacy and convenience and we offer a program that is designed specifically for them. All meetings are private, one-on-one sessions, not group discussions.

Are you ready to empower your youth to take charge of their life?