We see Mental Strength as the most powerful and most essential aspect of the human condition.

Without it, we can drift into complacency, existing passively without passion or personality.  When it is weak, we can fail or go through great lengths trying to hide or prevent failure.

When it is free and capable, we can master anything, rise above any challenge – by ourselves, with our own intelligence.

Prometheus was the god, the Titan who stole fire from the heavens and taught man to use it.  We have adopted this name as it accurately describes how we see mental health.  We see it as the realization and focused stimulation of the mind as a life-force that defines and empowers the human existence.


We see every person as, not having a mind, but being a mind.  We, the mind, function through the body.  We are born rudimentary, knowing nothing.  That knowledge has to be gathered and owned for the person to become the functioning adult at the peak of potential.

We see mental health, therefore, as a misnomer.  The mind cannot become ill.  It can only be insufficiently developed.

and this is not a problem; it is an invitation!

We see that the mind can be insufficiently developed if

  • The opportunities were not be available or provided.
  • The transmission of the information through the neurological function of the body was or is distorted by disease or malfunction.

Thus the mind can only be stimulated by what is realistically available, sometimes leaving the person insufficiently matured or ripened.  As determined by Prometheus, this can always be given later because it is not a flaw; it is a latency.

This leaves us with the exciting ability to stimulate or energize a person to higher self-realization and thus more responsible self-management, regardless of physical age, simply by encouraging the acquisition of what had been lacking in the formative years. This is our true and exciting passion – to inspire fullest self-realization, self-determination and a true zest for life into every person we encounter.

Like any existence that emerges at a rudimentary stage and has the capacity to expand and evolve, the mind also must be energized and expanded for it to function purposefully. It is energized through experience, the discipline to own and build understanding from that experience, and the assurance of the value of both the disciplined effort and the understanding developed.   We acknowledge that a person can be left with an insufficiency if any of these three conditions is not provided or if, though provided sufficiently, did not reach the consideration of the person because of a dysfunction in the neurological transmission. That can be seen as diseased, but the mind is still only insufficiently developed, not ill.

Prometheum Institute is registered as an educational facility with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities of Ontario. to provide both direct and on-line guidance to anyone who appreciates and seeks our counsel.  And we invite you to grasp that opportunity.


Traditional thinking focuses on fixing or restoring what is believed to have gone bad.  We focus on enriching what we realize was insufficiently energized or esteemed.

Call us, write us, but for goodness’ sake, do something unique, something that is not the quick fix that has you either on chronic support or going back again and again to get refreshed.

Discover… Recover… Expand Mental Strength