Welcome to The Video Podcasts on Building Mental Strength

Let us now embark on a journey of discovery by packaging a difficult subject into these six specific modules.  Please view them in sequence, using them on your own or to augment your counsellor’s guidance because each one builds from the previous and introduces the next.  And you must understand the previous before you embark on the next.  A  jump or random exploration may cause confusion. Please take your exploration as a journey – of discovery deeply into life, not an exercise – so it is pleasant and enlightening.

Only you can build your own MENTAL STRENGTH. Are you ready?

Read the summary of Module 1 here.  Then using the arrows on the side, look at what each module will do for you so you can have a bird’s eye view of your journey.  I hope this will give you the desire to now click on Module 1 and get started.  This module is free and invigorating.

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