Mental stimulation is a virtual exercise, even in the physical presence of a mentor.

Use it here to your fullest advantage.


hese webinars are offered as a method of assessing  and tweaking your understanding of the insights and challenges offered to you in this course. Thus, though the time spent in any of them is not considered in your CE hours, they can be helpful exercises if you choose to use them. You may book your web meeting for any of the dates that are offered from the choices given below.

Understanding Change is a comprehensive, upscale discourse that promises to elevate the ways you engage with your clients. It does not purport to give you techniques you must learn and remember. Rather, it aims to motivate you to work creatively. Therefore, we invite you to book an audiovisual meeting if you wish at any time while you are in each section. Through this medium you can ask questions and interact with others who may have similar concerns. This will probably be attractive to those who want to understand and apply deeper than just the required participation in the course.

Go to the specific section you wish to explore and book your webinar.

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