Prometheum Institute

Our Undertaking

Self Realization and Self-Esteem

The Power of Mind

It is the right and capability of every human to go beyond mere survival or sheltered existence and make ourselves the powerful force of reason everyone is destined to be. It means knowing that we are more than a sophisticated fungus fated to just live and die and having that as our all-consuming objective. It means building mature self-realization, establishing a sense of meaning and purpose that’s internally driven, stable, and able to allow us to withstand the barbs of life with courage, conviction, and a secure sense of dignity and poise.

Building mental strength and having mental health is not a simple or superficial exercise.  We will not give you ten easy lessons, but we will take you on a journey that is guaranteed to exhilarate and empower you.

The Direction

Our Understanding

You alone can strengthen the inner you. To do it, you need to understand two underestimated facts.

The first is that change and adversity happen. period. They are not chance occurrences but a designed part of life.  New opinions, impositions, and disorders that form your reality come from invisible activities that are always there and grow and evolve, independent of you, invisible to you just as your thoughts and feelings are invisible to them. They arrive. You are there. You arrive. They are there.

The second is that the human being is actually a force of reason. We are a mind with a body, not a body with a mind.  Reason, with the knowledge it brings, is a strength that does not come naturally; it must be energized and expanded. In fact, it is the only attribute of the human experience we are required to build; unlike any other organ system that functions automatically from birth, it is nothing until we build it. And the forces of life that can energize it can also exhaust it.  Therefore, no matter how determined you may be, your power of reason can be exhausted by new activities that make it insufficient – for that condition, at that moment.

Once we have demonstrated these two facts to you, we will show you how to always be prepared – for the new condition or the new twist to old conditions – by tolerating the change and relying, not on what you know, but on your own ability to know and know how to know.   Then the new challenge, the volatile situation, the unkind word, unfair rejection, or unknown threat will become something that does not break or exhaust you, but offers you the opportunity to build and display your creative power.


The Reality

Build Mental Strength

As the rational mind-force that you are as a human being, you have to know how to apply yourself productively and rationally even as conditions, opinions, and health change uncontrollably and unpredictably. And until you do, you are at the mercy of the perpetual change that will always challenge reason and leave you feeling mentally insecure or incapacitated when you fall short. That is not an illness; it is an event.

Anyone can do it, even if you have fallen behind. First you must be able to accept logically that the insufficiency is not a flaw or a fault.  What we know will always fall behind.  Therefore, mental strength is never broken or ill or bad.  It is moving, sometimes abreast, but often behind the challenges.  Everyone needs to build it, using the stresses that will always grow as food for the advancement and erudition of self. In fact, it is the only attribute of the human experience we are required to build; unlike any other organ system that functions automatically from birth, it is nothing until we build it. How much we build it depends on how much emphasis we place on its importance.

Let us show you how. We will neither heal you nor condemn you. We will show you how to see yourself as a creative mind with the power of reason, not a body with a mind but a mind with a body. We will show you how you can expand that and use it to build an understanding of life and of self that lets you tackle any problem with self-generated wisdom, purpose, and poise.

You see? Our undertaking is not to heal you, or soothe you, or pull you from the pit of despair, because you are only there when your strength is insufficient. We do not want to relieve you of the consequence while leaving you with the cause. We are not better than you. We are simply offering a scientific and logical examination of mental function and sharing it with you so you can expand yourself beyond the limitations that often hold you back letting you address the cause, an easily accomplished and positively soul-stirring adventure.


Our Call To Action

Begin Your Journey Here

Our thrust is the provision of a unique service that is intended to give interested seekers inexpensive yet comprehensive guidance for building self-realization and self-empowerment.  First, you register as a member to be able to access tutorials and expert guidance that can open your eyes and give you perhaps all the insight you may need to “take the ball and run with it”.  Then, at your desire and convenience, you can book a personal, secure online consultation with one of our highly trained and qualified counsellors who can help you to use the lessons to analyze your personal fears and apply them to pull yourself up and tackle your stresses competently.

The cost of registration is a one-time fee of $75.00 and does not expire or require re-registration.  The cost of a consultation is $125.00 for that meeting and you are guaranteed a minimum of one full hour of counselling.  Only registered members can book coinsultations.


If you have not yet done so, please view our description of Mental Strength here.  It will enlighten and stimulate you.