We are offering you a formula, not just a solution

So you can guide your clients to create their own solutions going forward.


n these nineteen lessons, I will take you on a journey. It is a journey of discovery and examination. I will be your guide in what is usually seen as familiar territory, but I want to draw your attention to details that we miss while we focus on the big picture. I will be leading you down an unfamiliar path, one that seems hard to grasp which is why we get into trouble. We find it hard and we leave it alone. So what these lessons will be doing is trying to make a hard thing easy. I will show you that life is complex, but it should not be complicated.

You will be encouraged to view the videos in two parts, the first three volumes will provide The Foundation.  This will allow ten credits after the audiovisual discourses.  There will be two audiovisual discourses to complete this section.  The second part requires you to study the next three volumes.  These will provide The Application.  Again, there will be two audiovisual conferences and that will allow you another ten hours CEU. n These added to the five hours you will get for The Application allows us to provide you with a certification of 25 hours CEU.

Click on any green strip and it will open the playlist of lessons for that volume.  The first one, The Analysis, contains the two videos you must atudy before the initial request for a video conference.  Please consider this video conference the equivalent of a half day seminar.  There will be two of them thus accounting for the five hours (including study time).  The rest are blanked out but are live for members.



hese are scientific discussions using both logic and physics. Though these seem esoteric to some people, please understand that they are part of life. We (generally) wish not to be bothered by having to think about them, but they WILL impact us. So rather than bury our heads in the sand, let us see how I can take this difficult subject and make it palatable so you can learn to appreciate something you have little choice but to live with. I will show you both here and in the Casual Chats, how to use these insights to make life both interesting and manageable even in highly volatile states.

My attempt to stay within the scientific field may seem a bit theoretical but it is necessary if I am to stay away from philosophy and religion. Though I will attempt to stay clear of these so I do not insult some viewers, you will find the occasional reference to them. Remember, they are both attempting to explain the same universe even though from different angles. They will point to the same end.

Please view the videos as lessons, not entertainment (I am sorry, I did not focus on the display but on the contents). Each lesson introduces the next. Please digest the one you are viewing before going to the next, even if you must view it more than once. Otherwise, the new one may not make sense. After you are finished, take a break. Live on. You will find that you will begin to look at things differently, even adverse situations. Then, after a short interlude, go over them again. You will find that you will see even those lessons differently. Always remember, it is a journey, not a race.

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