is this your youth?

drifting to

reckless use of drugs?

Drinking and lazing?

Feeling lost and left out?

Angry and Rebellious?

Afraid and Helpless?

Feeling or being bullied?

Troubled and Unsure?

do you want to help?

without being

Punitive and harsh?

protective, permissive?

helping a troubled youth is far different from helping an adult

Please remember that…

Youth are still building experience. Therefore, by inference, it is insufficient. Yet, the reality they have to face is more tumultuous, more expansive, and more invasive than ever before. So they feel the pressure from what they call “the noises” and revert to natural defenses rather than purposeful management – too often, too readily, and too intensely. Natural defenses are the fight, flight, fright, frolic options and are manifested in the behaviors depicted above.

They do not know how to face the turmoil.  Fixing it for them won’t work as they still need to know how to function in the reality that will confront them going forward.

Thus, we must first show them how to build a personal strength that allows them to feel secure no matter what the world throws at them.

This is not as difficult as it seems but youth today want logical and evidence-based information.


We can engage them through challenging discussions they can verify and apply naturally, or we can show you how to do it, guiding you as you go.

We are not a rehabilitation facility that aims to take them BACK to where they were. We are an inspirational facility that aims to take them FORWARD to where they belong.

There are four areas of life in which every youth needs to feel comfortably ensconced in order to be a well-balanced adult. These are the physical reality and all its machinations, the biological reality and how to strengthen it or live within its weakness, the social reality and its numerous variables, and the personal reality of mind, consciousness, or soul that is the essence of human life.

  • The physical reality is explored by teachers and the educational system.
  • The biological reality was once the domain of physicians and still is, but is also now exposed by google and electronic media.
  • The social reality has always been the responsibility of parents and still is, but parents are overwhelmed by its present diversity and variability.
  • The personal identity was once defined by parents with the help of religion. Today many parents are too busy, don’t know, or have rejected religious ties.


Let us help you restore your understanding of the last two using science, philosophy, logic and psychology so you can influence your youth with vision, authority and a firm sense of purpose.