What you do, who you are, how you think, are driven by how you see yourself.

SELF-IMAGE is the foundation of confidence, skill, and performance.  Build it and be successful.  Secure it and have authority over your successes in bad times as well as good.

We want to show you how you can determine the stability of your Self-Image and make it strong and healthy so YOU manage anything, anytime, with courage, confidence, and poise.

The Observation


f I were to ask you to describe yourself, you would not start by stating that you are a hairless animal that stands on two feet and has the power of speech. You would not describe your skin color, family connections, or what you own.
Instead, you will describe your personality, your attitudes and what you know or can do. That is where your power is – that invisible attribute we call the mind.

In fact, what you have, what your body has, are attributes you were given at birth. You have not improved on them. The only real improvement is in the development of your insight, understanding, and ability to think. That, therefore, is what we want to talk about, what we want to empower. And only you can empower it. That! is self-empowerment.

The Invitation


he invitation is to let us guide you to pull yourself up if you have fallen, heal yourself if you feel bruised, and have a sense of strength that is yours. Although many people would rather have compassion and encouragement when they feel bruised, crushed, or unable to satisfy the value systems they have established to reinforce their human needs, the majority of accountable and accomplished people are more effectively helped when they see that it is not their failure but their attachment to a failing system that has weakened them.  You do not need to be managed.  The insight and direction to immunize yourself from the weaknesses of your value systems can give you more determination, more freedom, and more powerful reinforcement than does the management of behavior alone.

Isn’t this what any good counselor will do?

When a person presents themselves to a counselor, that counsellor arrives at their conclusion by using a formula. The formula belongs to the counsellor because of his/her skill and study. The counsellor charges for his/her expertise using this formula which he/she has but the person doesn’t.

So, instead of using the formula to try to fix what we can’t see, we want to give YOU the formula.

And guide you to use it effectively. Another difference is that we will do it both in your physical presence and in a virtual space. That has an advantage that offsets the apparent disadvantage. The apparent disadvantage is that you do not have long-term bonding with another presumably more stable person in front of you. But it is not a disadvantage because, regardless of whom you are with, you are always required to do the same thing – think on what is suggested, digest it, and apply it – all by yourself. It is the same thing with virtual counseling. We guide you to do it and show you how. But we also focus on encouraging you to take the authority to expand and encourage yourself.

The advantage of the virtual aspect of our interaction  is that you can access it anytime, anywhere, without an appointment. And it is fully secure. The security is based on the fact that you are not revealing too much since YOU will be getting the direction to manage what is hidden within you. And it stays hidden.  We also have any communications with us secured in a 256 bit encryption.

The Vision


Remember, a mechanic can fix your car because he can see what is wrong and has knowledge that will apply since a car is a car, is a car.

A doctor can fix your body since s/he can see inside (with instruments) and his/her knowledge of anatomy can be applied as the human body is designed similarly, one to another.

The mind, however, is unique to you and is hidden within you. It is you.  So, no one can really access what is going on within unless you choose to reveal you.  And you can reveal only what you understand or what of it you want to reveal.  And that can be determined by a myriad of factors – from your fears to your trust or your biases. And even if anyone can truly measure how you think and feel, the knowledge or techniques cannot be applied to you with accuracy. No one thinks or behaves according to ethnic, national, or even religious commonality. It always boils down to your personal experience, your value systems, and your sensitivities, factors that are hidden deep within you and accessible to only you. You just need to know how to fix them yourself!

So the best way to help you is to show you how to help yourself. After all, ONLY YOU can see inside you. All you have to learn is how to look and have the means to fix, not hide, what you discover. We will give you both here.

The Action


e will show you how to appreciate and understand change as it occurs in your physical world, your body’s health, and in the private thoughts and expectations of the people you work with and live with.

We will show you how to analyze yourself, not for the pains you are experiencing, but for the deficits you can fill. We will show you how to fill them and how to believe in your ability to understand and manage.

We will show you how to immunize your selfworth to the onslaughts from a world that can be excessive in its demands, stingy in its praise.

The objective is to show you how to fill yourself more, not how to remove the emptiness. An emptiness cannot be removed; it can only be filled. Focusing on removing an emptiness only prevents you from getting what you really need to fill it, and tacitly encourages you to continue filling it with things that are themselves unstable and transitional.

Therefore, You Are Hereby Invited

Let’s show you how we will build a strong and self-assured you.

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