driving us to pursue shallow distractions

or to get hooked on other more tenacious habits

that gives short-term relief while destroying our ability

to think, to relate, to live!

but, it is possible for us to get our life back

even if we feel we are too far lost or jaded.

by learning to see life more clearly and ourselves more purposefully.

It is not always enough to simply change a behavior or treat a distressed or depressed mood.  Life can be positive and stimulating, not by finding a different way of avoiding it, but by knowing how to embrace its inconsistencies, its apparent unfairness, its challenges and disappointments.


It is not only possible but exhilarating to know how to see life more composedly, more purposefully, more confidently… and get out of an existential rut with acuity, desire, and poise, not purely to survive or cope… when we learn that

  • our sense of purpose can come from within, energized by a firm and consistent belief in the power of self.
  • we can free ourselves from attachments that lead to our afflictions, not just to remove the affliction
  • we can aim to reach for our greatest potential, grasp life as the intelligent mind we are, with the innate ability to grow in wisdom, creativity, and fulfilment.


This was the act of Prometheus, the Greek god of wisdom.  This is what we can ignite within ourselves – the fire, the passion to face life with consistency drawn from a power within, not from attachments without.

Let us show you how to reach it for yourself, and impart it to those in your care.