Building Mental Strength

Building mental strength is often considered to be either a natural evolution as we age or something only the few fortunate people can achieve with some effort.  So this may seem to be either hard work for the dispossessed or an unnessary exercise for the already endowed.  Nothing is further from the truth.  Mental strength is  not the possession of knowledge or wisdom that comes with your genes, social status, or dietary nutrients, but with the ability to build them, and everybody can do that.  We just need to know how to activate, stimulate, and apply that function appropriately.

That is all we promise to teach you. It is a journey of self-discovery through reason and logic, not doctrine or dogma.  Our intent is not to give you a better response for your level of understanding but to guide you to build understanding as you need it so you create a better response… yours.  We offer it in two ways.

One is Self-Study.

Our self study is guidance offered in six distinct parts. They are filled with audiovisual discourses so that it is as close to a personal connection with a teacher as you can get.  Yet, you have the ability to use it at your convenience, with as many repetitions as you need to understand and feel comfortable with the information, and at a cost that is easily affordable.  And you can still have the occasional personalized consultation to help you get the most benefit from your study. Our fee for this is only $25.00 per module.  You will see that each module is packed with discourses and examinations that will change the way you see yourself and your world, building the mental strength because you are really building the ability to get it.

The other is Personalized Guidance.

Here, for a fixed cost, we provide you with personalized online guidance with a trained professional.  You will go through the same course but this time you will have a combination of a professional assessment, analysis, guidance, insight, and encouragement.  For this we charge a fee of $1500.00 per month for three months.  We will see you weekly and sometimes more than once per week as we see your need.  The cost, however is fixed.  Should you feel the need for further enlightenment after the three months we will encourage you to then use the self-study as you will be better prepared to do so.  Sometimes, because of the complexity of your situation or the need to extend our involvement in order to show compliance, we will arrange a further extension of our personalized guidance for another fixed period.

Please look at these two options below and make your choice at this time.

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