The Challenge is to grow to full maturity from a tender sapling to a fully productive adult while being buffeted by the rigors of everyday life.

Since your Real Power is in your MENTAL STRENGTH…

If that power is insufficient,

If that power is deflated by

  • an unkind word, rejection, loss, marital discord, or grief
  • an oppressive situation, conflict, or turmoil greater than it can bear
  • a feeling of malaise, physical illness or injury that stifles your performance

You can be left feeling compromised, forced to use the back-up, inherited instinctual responses like submission, conciliation, aggression or evasion to survive or cope – for the moment.


You may

push yourself to appease, please or submit to the demands made on you – reaching exhaustion, burnout, even depression as your efforts prove fruitless,

use alcohol, prescribed or designer drugs, or other activities to soothe your pains or reach a more pleasing but artificial and dangerous reality,

vent your frustration, disable or remove the stress, or express jealousy and control trying to tame the opposition – even if that is a spouse or loved one.

suffer fret, worry, self-doubt or panic, drifting to emotional shutdown or despair as you are overwhelmed by the stresses you can neither understand nor escape.


lease understand that these are natural reactions.  We all use them.  They only become unnatural when there is a need to use to them to the extreme.  And that need is determined by how your mental strength stands up to the challenges you have to face.  Sometimes it is insufficient.  Sometimes the challenges are too much.

You can hide them, forcibly restrain them, deny having them, or simply give-in to them

But, there is a BETTER WAY

It lies in knowing that your mental power can often feel weak, not because it is not enough, but because of the way you measure or respect it. Often, the measures you use can minimize its value and lead you to focus on relying on other things rather than your mental strength because they seem more immediately rewarding. When you measure yourself by things that are not you, and they fail, it makes you feel insecure, inadequate, and weaker than you really are.

First, let us look at the systems that are meant to strengthen, but can restrict or weaken you.

We use them to guide us on how we should live. But they can constrain us if we make them our master, not our tool
They allow us to survive but they stop us from growing. Relying on them too much can stagnate us or cause us to fail when intelligence is called for.
We need them when we are weak. We are them when we are strong. We must know how to use them sparingly and be one constructively.

Now, let us INVITE YOU to examine, expand, and secure your Mental Strength.

We help you move forward, not return to past limitations.