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Who likes change?
Unless it ushers in something familiar or pleasant, it frightens almost everyone.
Be Serious. Be Adventurous. Be Ready to be master of your life.
A Personal and Professional Management Strategy

Understanding Change

Dr. Albert De Goias
This book is about looking at life analytically and formulating a sense of purpose by understanding the unknown, seeing the invisible, and anticipating the unexpected. These are new challenges. They are the result of continuous, invisible change on which life is designed. It is not a story about the journey of a particular individual. It is not about what happens when things go wrong. There are countless stories about survival and the courageous actions of an individual making things right that cannot be duplicated in real life because the circumstances were extreme, or because the response was unique.

This book, instead, utilizes the idea that life can be complex, but it does not have to be complicated. It takes an opposing stand to conventional wisdom that seems to see disruption and instability as unnatural events that disturb a natural tranquillity. Instead, it proposes that we see change as inevitable, continuous, and imperceptible – precipitating visibly and often unexpectedly as a new situation or a new twist to an old situation, a new opinion, unkind word, or different expectation, an illness, pain, or untoward feeling. It elaborates, therefore, on the premise that the physical reality is based on the incessant activity of sub-microscopic elements so change is the norm rather than the occasional stumbling block to idealistic conditions.

It also refers to prevailing conclusions that we are born with goodness and mental stability unless we do something to become bad or mentally unstable. It contends instead that we are born deficient and thus naturally awkward and mentally weak, easily overwhelmed by change. We learn to be good and mentally strong. It offers arguments in an easily readable format that encourages the reader to see that the innate insufficiency and awkwardness can more easily be removed by filling it with goodness and insight that can be learned than by trying to treat, punish, or ignore the natural deficiencies or inhibit or regulate natural change.

Therefore, it also shows that the human experience is, not to survive the challenges of a continuously changing reality, but to be stimulated mentally by its machinations. It attempts to show how to make this balancing act between a naturally unstable reality and a rudimentary but expandable mental capacity a natural and fulfilling exercise.

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