Know you. Grow you.  Believe in you. and tackle life as it explodes and evolves.

The conventional route is to make your life simple, give you support for your fears and weakness because you can’t do it yourself.

But, like a plant that can use the wind, the rain, the burning sun, and the manure as food to create wonderful fruit…

We will show you how to use the challenges of nature, the oppression and rejection of others, and the fears and discomforts within as food for personal growth and satisfaction.


ou may feel you are not ready. That is okay. We will encourage you to do it slowly. We will show you how to get the insight about yourself and your world so you gradually build, restore, or strengthen your sense of confidence and energize it because you know, and know you can know.

We will show you that…

The power to embrace change and explore outside of your comfort zone comes from within. It is the power of Understanding.

You build understanding by exploring what you do not understand. That comes with change. But change can be frightening.

Understanding is not something that comes with your genes, heritage, or the intelligence of another. You need to build your own.

So the thing that seems to threaten or destroy you can actually be the thing that builds you – if you know how to use it purposefully.

A plant – young, fragile and insecure – must have the imposition of the wind and rain, the stimulation of the sun, and the manure (read feces) in its roots to be able to grow. It cannot grow if you shelter it from those elements. And neither can you.

We will show you how to see the chaos, complexity, reactive passions, and incessant demands of today’s reality as the manure, the buttressing winds and rain, the blazing sun and use them to energize mental strength and maturity.

We will show you how to deal with past fears, concerns, or failures, not by erasing them or soothing your hurts facing them, but by focusing and helping you focus on being strong, happy, successful – in what you once feared, in what once weakened you, and in what you have to face going forward as a mature, capable human being.

Now Let’s

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