we use logic

not empathy that keeps them needing us

not restraint that leaves them just surviving

not medication that still represses them, only differently

Our objective is self-governance.  So we do not tell our clients what to do – no matter how weak or uncertain they are when we first see them.   Instead, we help them to build, rebuild, or repair the self-image and seek one that is based on the power of the core, not on possessions, achievements, or recognition.


With a belief in a strong and prepossessing core, a youth is better able to propel themselves forward with self-generated wisdom, purpose, and confidence even when times seem tough and people unsupportive or unforgiving.  There is no need to seek simplicity through substances or other distractions as even a tough reality will seem manageable and rewarding in its management.

They maintain self-worth without extended support because their success does not rely on following orders but on creating their own solutions – differently.

We see each person as an intelligent life force – and we will respect, inspire and stimulate that.

No one will ever be our personal project.

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