we use logic

not empathy that keeps you needing us

not restraint that leaves you just surviving

not medication that still represses you, only differently

Our objective is self-governance.  So we do not tell you what to do – no matter how weak or uncertain you are when you seek help.   Instead, we help you to build, rebuild, or repair the self-image that is based on the power of the core, not on possessions, achievements, or recognition.


With a belief in a strong and prepossessing core, you can propel yourself forward with self-generated wisdom, purpose, and confidence even when times seem tough and people unsupportive or unforgiving.  There is no need for artificial gratification as natural gratification is real, powerful, and satisfying.

You maintain your self-worth.  Your success does not rely on following orders but on creating your own – differently.

We see each person as an intelligent life force – and we will respect, inspire and stimulate that.

No one will ever be our personal project.

Since we use logic and general enlightenment, there is no need for secrecy or anonymity.  We do not dwell on our clients’ pains or inadequacy as we see inadequacy as a common legacy we are required to rise above.  We simply focus on showing you how to build and expand the inner core so you accept past inadequacies and fears and do because you feel good aboutyour insights, not because of what you can do or have done.

We guide each person – individually, at your own pace – to examine all of life – you, your deeper meaning, and the forces of your reality – and help you to realize your own strengths so you can have authority over yourself (not directly or indirectly from someone else).

This is done in private, one-on-one sessions.  We never place you in a group, no matter how anonymous.

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