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Your personal journey

…of Self-Empowerment starts here…because when you know yourself, you will like yourself, and when you like yourself, you will more empowered to be master of your own destiny.

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Life can be complex! Let’s make it uncomplicated.
Realizing mental strength and disposition should be both invigorating and affordable. We intend to make it so.

Your Part – Know yourself

Our structured lessons and audiovisual discourses are designed to take you on a simple journey. It is a journey you will do on your own, following guidance that is strategically designed in a variety of deliveries.  These variations allow you to build insights from your own unique perspectives.

You may wonder how some general chats or a specific series of instruction can help when your own problem is so unique. You want and need to bond with someone who will understand your personal, private hurts, fears, uncertainties, and listen intently to your unique story. So how can chats, no matter how empowering or how comforting, help you?

It is simple. You see, everyone has their history of trauma, neglect, abuse, losses, hurts, unique and personal impositions and weakness. And the using of substances to quell these feelings may also be uniquely inspired in each person. So each person needs a kind, considerate, knowledgeable, and wise person to embrace them and make them feel that someone understands their pain. It is a pain that is hidden and also difficult to reveal so few people can understand it.

Yet, here I am, inviting you to be that person for yourself – the person who can be kind, considerate, wise – even though you do not believe that from within yourself at this time. You can do it, however, if you go behind that pain and look at something that is less dramatic. It is the hidden, suppressed, neglected, undiscovered you – your soul. That is what you really do not know how to do. And it is what we will guide you to do.

Our Part – Teach you to know yourself

The approach used in these lessons is simple. They are your guide, not your healer – because we see every human being as an intelligent life force functioning through a physical body. In other words we do not look at the body. We look for the mind, and work with that.

We also see that everyone needs and has the responsibility to build the power of mental acuity. You only need to own it by knowing what it is and how to energize and use it.

If we seek to secure our existence using only material possessions, appearance, physical strength and stamina, or social acceptance, then that is just what we will get – survival as much as these will give. Then our mental strength becomes as fragile, fickle, or superficial as they are leaving us compromised, weakened, or exhausted mentally whenever these vulnerable sources are compromised.

When you start using these lessons you discover why you have not established a stable strength within yourself and how to transfer value to yourself as a mind with the power to think, create understanding, and do so appropriate to the challenge.

They will teach you how to be the builder within you, not just the storage of learned information. This is easy and possible because YOU do it. The information herein will only guide and encourage you. It is fast and powerful because it works by building you, a process you learn and apply for the rest of your life, growing it daily until the end of your days.

You have full access to all the resources – lectures, casual chats, sketches with audio descriptions, (all in audiovisual formats so they are easy to follow), and essays you can print and read in your leisure. And your counsellor/physician, with support from us, will guide you to interpret and apply the lessons as you need it.

Your Commitment

There are two commitments we ask of you for you to be able to get the most from this experience.

  • One is to make the effort to learn. You must want to be better, not just be comforted. This requires your own study of the materials, a process we identify as self-study.
  • The other is to allow yourself to go on the journey of discovery. We are dealing with an invisible unknown – the mind. It is tempting to try to make it into something we can see and manage, even if it is illogical to do so. Our intent is to free you, not enslave you differently. So our guidance will be directed at helping you understand and apply the insights.

Self-Study  allows access to a wealth of information and structured guidance, information that is available today but has not been part of our education, at least not in a connected way.  Our contribution is to use our extensive research and examination to lead you to see life differently, to build the insights that allow you greater range and depth of understanding. As you already realized while reading these pages, describing the subject in the written word can be difficult to read and interpret. Our audiovisual presentations make this process a bit easier but you still must think and digest the discussions. Do not take notes or try to memorize them. Let them inspire you so what you get comes from you.

This is a one-time fee. Once registered, you will have unrestricted access to all resources. This gives unrestricted within your household. Thus you can share access with family members. There is no limit and you can return anytime for a refresher.

Supervised Self-Study

CAD $375.00

You have chosen to continue counselling with your own counsellor or physician as you go through the lessons. You may wish, on occasions, to have a private one-on-one discussion with one of our in-house counsellors. You may request that here.