Self-Empowerment is the act of building the strength to move forward on one’s own

not that of self-preservation from the effort of others.


It is a natural instinct in every living creature to seek self preservation whenever our physical existence is threatened – by disease, injury, imposition, turmoil, or disaster.


It is also a natural instinct to seek the same when we feel mentally challenged, weak, afraid, or unsure.  Yet, these conditions are, and can be, opportunities to build the understanding and insight needed to rise above these threats.  Sometimes we know that and seek these attributes from someone else because we believe they are beyond us.  Yet, if we succeed in getting them from someone else, we can be left stranded when the next challenge arises.

This is an invitation, therefore, for you to go beyond simple self-preservation and survival and build the mental strength to rise above conditions that once crushed you or are still crushing you, and go forward with self-generated wisdom, purpose, and poise.

We are offering to provide a form of counselling we have used for the past thrty years with referred clients and are now teaching to counsellors across the country.  The thrust of this is to analyze and discover as quickly as possible the conditions that may be holding you back, and show you how you can build the insight and understanding to function above their restraints.


It does not matter whether these conditions relate to past neglect, trauma, or privilege.  It does not matter whether the imposition has caused you to react with hostility, to retreat to the spurious comfort of drugs or alcohol, or to exhaust and neglect yourself for the sake of peace or acceptability.


The intent is to give you freedom from personal limitations.  It is not to manage the reaction or empathize with the foundation.  This can be done just as effectively in mental connection engaged through electronic communications as with physical contact where the same objective of mental connection remains primary.

Our sessions are booked on Zoom for about two hours each time.  The first session is free.  We will determine at that time both the nature of your needs and their depth.  We are not offering therapy.  It is Life Management Counselling, far more effective than therapy for most people.


At the first session, after we have determined the depth and nature of your needs and you have determined the comfort you feel about our connection, we will discuss a cost factor that is realistic and comfortable with you.

Please book an initial zoom meeting by clicking the button below.

Life is a journey, a journey to the achievement of clarity from the origin of darkness.  Let us throw light where you need it and encourage your appreciation of that which you have.