This page is intended to be a blogpost of assessments as are offered by counsellors doing the CE course.  Until we have received sufficient to start the blog, we have inserted some feedback we have received recently from clients who used the service.  We have discontinued that service and are concentrating on interaction only with other mental health care providers..


Thank you. Albert de Goias.

Life changing results.

5.0 rating
May 13, 2019

I absolutely loved working with Albert and Andrea. They were very good at quickly assessing my past and present circumstances to determine the work that needed to be put in moving forward. With their warm and accepting nature, I felt very comfortable sharing intimate details of my life. I am beyond grateful for the lessons I’ve learned and the growth I’ve achieved in recent months. It’s helped me create stronger connections and healthy boundaries with people who are currently in my life as well as potential romantic partners. I have gained more insight into who I am as a person, and I’ve been able work towards having a greater understanding of others. I feel more confident. I feel more positive. I am more forgiving to myself and others.

Candice Lewis

A Useful Resource

5.0 rating
May 12, 2019

We have engaged many clients with the Prometheum Institute. Those clients are typically professionals or successful entrepreneurs who have come into conflict with the law and need help. Through the Prometheum Institute they have learned valuable useful life lessons which in almost every instance have been highly effective and have carried them for years.

Paul Stern. Lawyer. Toronto


5.0 rating
April 20, 2019

At first I felt it was too esoteric for me to apply it practically. But as I became more involved, I found that my approach to life was changing and realized it was due to things discussed here. I must say I took the course privately before it became an online course. Don’t know if this makes a difference.

Val Romain