Deep discussions on what is life, why it seems chaotic, who you are, and what is your purpose will give you the seeds to build your inner strength or get it if you do not yet have it.

There are three ways to register and use the video podcasts.

The first is The Explorer.  This is free.

The second is the Self Study (with on-request consultations)

The third is for Private Clients.

The Explorer

This entitles you to a complimentary access to the first module.  You simply fill out the form including a username and password.  This allows you to see where the podcasts take you and the depth of concentration you will need to benefit from them.  Use it to determine your interest and ability. (no credit information required)

Self Study

This entitles you to access all modules for as long as you wish.  There is a cost of $250.00 for all the lessons.  As you are already registered for The Explorer you will not need to put in any additional information.  Though you will be doing the courses on your own, you can always request a consultation online with one of our counsellors for a regular consultation fee.  The combination makes for a powerful yet inexpensive alternative to therapy.


This is more like a consultation with a teacher than it is therapy.  You are asking to help you understand and apply the insights you are learning.  The cost of a consultation is only $150.00 and are usually booked for 90 minutes so you can feel unrushed in your meeting.  These meetings are available to users who are registered for Self-Study.  We conducted online using googlemeet and are available to users who choose the Self-Study option.

Private Clients

You have chosen to have a personalized, one-on-oneassessment and guidance at a personal level.  As a private client, you will be given full access to all the podcasts as part of your arrangement with us.  You will still need to register so you can use the video podcasts to augment your personal guidance from us.  We will thus have you in the system and be able to elevate your full access from the back end.

Be A Life Changer