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Counsellors are accepted by invitation only.  If you are a physician, registered psychotherapist, mental health nurse, psychologist, nurse practitioner, and wish to use our strategies but have not yet been invited, please contact us.  We will interview you and discuss our management strategies in detail, and invite you if there is a good working relationship.

There are some significant advantages to using this guidance.

  • It is discreet and completely private. No one will ever know of your participation. You are invited to register using only a username. The only other information kept is your email address so you can be identified as a unique user.
  • You can access it whenever you wish and so go through the instructions at your own pace.
  • Your use does not require attendance at a particular location at a particular time.
  • It is inexpensive so you can make a personal decision to explore it.
  • You always have the option to contact us through the message board to get actual personalized interpretations you can use and apply. Yet, you can also make direct contact with us for a private, discreet appointment at a sophisticated, intelligent level that will respect your position, private needs, and knowledge.

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