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An Invitation To Caregivers

Your Challenge

Engaging a person who is steeped in addiction or attempting to get out of an emotional minefield can be a difficult and sometimes frustrating experience. This is because, behind the behaviour, all intents, fears, limitations and weaknesses that drive it are hidden within the invisible, unmeasurable, and untouchable recesses of that person’s mind. You are at the mercy of the person’s need to keep these apparent flaws hidden and keep the full impact of your interaction away from the sensitive core.

Building mental strength instead of treating mental dysfunction.
Building mental strength instead of treating mental dysfunction - a video

Your Mandate

Understanding your obligation

When you accept the responsibility to help a person emerge from a mental health disturbance or behavioural dysfunction, you are doing more than just soothing frayed nerves. You are guiding that person to greater self-sufficiency, to face the next challenge with greater personal strength.  You are the guide.  You must know the territory, and it is uncharted.

Whether the disturbance is an emotional experience of confusion, pain, fear, anger, irresponsibility, or escape from reality, or the behaviour is an addiction or an aggressive or invasive act, all you are seeing is the display of that person’s present weakness relative to the conditions that challenge them in their reality. To fix the display without helping the person be strong and not fall back into that pit is only a superficial gesture.  To tame their reality is not giving them the ability to face the next challenge when you are not there to take it for them.

Yet, to assume that the person is constitutionally sick or weak and treat them as a victim of their life circumstances is to not recognize their inherent right and capability as a human being to take on life with personal intelligence and perspicacity.

To recognize, however, that they are simply stuck at an immature level of personal development because they are guided by value systems that were poorly supplied, neurotically imposed, or made irrelevant through permissiveness and privilege and help them build one that is progressive and positive is to give them the gift of hope and determination. To do so by respecting their innate ability to stimulate and invigorate their mental capacity is going the next step in recognizing their value as the person and giving them the dignity of realizing it.


Our Technique

Building Mental Strength

People come to counsellors because of an innate belief that the best person who can see inside them is someone with training in that area of human management. Unfortunately, all we can see is the manifestation of their pain or confusion. All we can do is help fix what we can see.  Many people believe that a person who is mentally distressed, inattentive, or attracted to the irresponsible use of chemicals is one who cannot undertake an intellectually challenging exercise and needs to be managed.  After all, they have already failed, a failure that may have already caused a mental insufficiency or was caused by it.

Yet, anyone can focus on thinking, even one who is temporarily compromised, because that is what we, as humans, are designed to do.  Some will do it more slowly than is desirable but, as is well known in the process of learning, participation makes the process easier and faster.

So, you are asked to work on something you can’t see, identify what you can’t measure, and heal what you can’t touch.  This may seem an impossible task, but it is only impossible if you try to do it.  If, however, you know how to recruit the person into doing it, you will have assistance from the only source who can look where you can’t see, identify what you can’t measure, and heal what you can’t touch.  You only need to teach them how to do it, and before that, believe they can be taught.

This course will teach you how to do both – help them believe they can be taught and teach them how to reach inside and heal themselves. To do that, it will guide you to entertain and expand these skills…

  • Recruit the client/patient/child into wanting to know and heal themselves
  • Inspire them by teaching them to know themselves and have a desire for  personal growth and contentment beyond immediate healing.
  • See the client/patient/child as a creative mind and show them how to build it to be the best they can be.
  • Give your client/patient/child the tools, not only to stay clean or feel better, but to become productive, purposeful, and creative.
  • Help your client/patient/child to examine their value systems, see the flaws they may have, and embrace one that respects them as creative minds with the mandate to grow, not just complex bodies with the need to survive.
  • Show your client/patient/child how to build self-esteem based on knowing who they are, why they are, and what they must do in life.
  • Convince your client/patient/child that having a positive personal identity that comes from within is the best medicine to  stay positive and productive, be strong in adversity, see failure as postponed success, and avoid relapse or temptation.

There are two tools this course will also give you.  The first is to use it as a personal growth and enlightenment tool – for yourself.  That is, use the insights less as a lesson and more as personal erudition.  Second, after you have completed the course, you will be able to have your clients examine and use all the instructions that are sequenced as a guidance under the Public Portal.  You will be able to work better with your clients as they will (to different levels of comprehension) get something from the guidance offered.  We will show you how you can provide this to your clients when you are ready.

This course qualifies for 25 hours CE credits from:

25 Hours CE credits

The full cost of registration including perpetual support, personal guidance, unlimited access for later review, including certificate of completion for submission is:  

CAD $375.00