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Your Challenge

Engaging a person who is steeped in addiction or attempting to get out of an emotional minefield can be a difficult and sometimes frustrating experience. This is because, behind the behaviour, all intents, fears, limitations and weaknesses that drive it are hidden within the invisible, unmeasurable, and untouchable recesses of that person’s mind. You are at the mercy of the person’s need to keep these apparent flaws hidden and keep the full impact of your interaction away from the sensitive core.

Your Mandate

Understanding your obligation

When you accept the responsibility to help a persone merge from a mental health disturbance, you are doing more than just soothing frayed nerves. You are guiding that person to greater self-sufficiency, to face the next challenge with greater personal strength.

Whether the disturbance is an emotional experience of confusion, pain, fear, anger, irresponsibility, or escape from reality with or without the assistance of chemicals or alcohol, all you are seeing is the display of that person’s present weakness. To fix the display without helping the person be strong and not fall back into that pit is only a superficial gesture.

To assume that the person is constitutionally sick or weak is to not recognize their inherent right as a human being to be the best they can be.

To recognize, however, that they are simply stuck at an immature level of personal development because they were distracted, insufficiently prepared, or narrowly focused and help them break through that barrier is to give them the gift of hope and determionation To do so by respecting their innate ability to stimulate and invigorate their mental capacity is going the next step in recognizing their value as the person and giving them the dignity of realizing it.


Our Technique

Building Mental Strength

People come to counsellors because of an innate belief in the soul of man that the best person who can see inside of them is someone else. After all, they have failed. We do the same. We look to others to help when we cannot manage or when our attempts evoke unhealthy emotions. Here, you will start looking at the best option – that the most capable person who can look inside me is me, and it will show you how to teach your clients how to do that purposefully. You will…

  • Learn how you can guide others to define themselves as a creative mind and build it to be the best they can be. You will do it by learning to…
  • Look where others can’t see – the soul, mind, psyche that is invisible and unlocatable. Yet, it is the driving force within the client who is seeking your guidance.
  • Measure what no instrument can show you – the needs and capabilities that confuse and hinder them.
  • Reach inside and engage with them to have them examine, understand, and better empower themselves to move forward with self-driven courage, determination and confidence.

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