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Personalized Counsel

Personalized counsel is offered to those whose responsibilities or depth of needs leave little time or energy for personal research and examination. You need counsel that is offered at your level of intelligence, works with you to examine yourself objectively, and empowers without challenging your authority or concerns. You want discretion and a strategy that respects your intelligence, not one that places you under the authority of another. 

Positive Reflection

Look Within You – deeply

Your station, authority, or expectations of yourself may place you at the forefront of change. Yet, you are no less human than anyone else. You too can get overwhelmed – often because of the unstable and demanding challenges you have to face. We, therefore, accept that you cannot realistically manage your future using self-restraint or spending time in general discussions that may not be relevant to you. Instead, you have to examine yourself privately, see where and why you have faltered and rise to those conditions with a more purposeful and logical attitude.

Our audiovisual platform is your meeting place. When you attend, you will be in a private setting with a counsellor qualified to speak with you at your level. You may be a youth, a professional, someone in a position of authority, or just someone who wants to maintain an air of distinction within your community. We will fully respect your need for privacy and show regard for your dignity however you wish it. Though our connection will be virtual, we both see each other clearly allowing us to read expressions and communicate no less effectively than if we were in the same room.

Intense, personal, & stimulating

How our private meetings work

Our work with you will be intense, personal, and stimulating. There is no judgment or diagnostic categorization. We see abnormal feelings and behaviour as natural reactions when you are facing conditions for which you are ill-prepared. So we first look, not at what you are doing, but why. This is not what seems obvious because it is a lack, something you will not think of naturally..

We will do an initial assessment that will focus on those areas of insufficiency or fragmented capability, not only on the behaviour or feelings that are evoked when you are there. Personal information gleaned when we explore your history, attitudes, and feelings will remain private and secure, to be destroyed if you decide not to continue. This assessment is offered at no cost and will require about two-three hours of your time. Once we have decided what your needs are we will offer you a plan of management and invite you to register at the fireside chats. Registration and use of the fireside chats represent the full cost of our assistance and we will stay with you until you feel comfortable that you have acquired the means to go forward purposefully.

We will work with you to show your professional organization, legal authorities, or occupational bodies that you will have learned to manage, not just the behaviour, but the personal insufficiencies that once led to your behaviour. Thus a recommendation that you are no longer a danger to reoffend, relapse, or be a risk to your profession or those for whom you are directly responsible – as may be a concern to the legal, professional, or occupational authorities – can be made without reservation. We will, however, take this recommendation seriously and only provide it if we can support it with conviction.purchase-a-membership

Your cost for unlimited access to all content in this site and personalized counselling as much as you need it is $3750.00 CAD.

Please understand that our main goal is to help you.  We will do whatever we can to make this both convenient and palatable.  Once we have started, there will be no further cost and we will continue to support and consult with you as long as you need us. If, in order to proceed, you wish to request special consideration, please discuss this with us at your convenience. But, for goodness sake, make your commitment your priority, not the cost.


Personalized Counsel

Book an assessment

This introductory meeting is offered free of charge and is chosen by you below. You are invited to use it if you wish to eventually request personal guidance. The interview requires about two hours of your time and remains secure and confidential even after the interview as information is discarded if you decide not to proceed. At the end of this meeting we will discuss a plan on how we will work with you. Once registered, you may book your follow-up meetings with your counsellor to be done in conjunction with your readings and study of the chats in the library so we discuss with insight and precision. We will guide you on what to study at each meeting.