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There are two benefits you can take from this course. One is the structured lesson that allows an insight into extending your skills and obtaining CE credits. This you will get with a bit of work going through the lessons.  The other is the personal development that allows you to manage your career with greater understanding and flexibility.  This latter is not considered a CE credit, but it empowers you. This you can get by going over the program again after you have received the credits.  For this, you are allowed unrestricted continued access for a full year after your registration.  Enjoy and be empowered.

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When you are ready to do the complete program and apply the CE credits, you may register for the full course here.  The cost is $250.00 CAD and includes all material, support or guidance, assessment, certification at the end, and continued access for a full year to all resources and active support.


If you are already a temporary registrant when you are registering for accredited course, please check the box “I have an existing account”. This will ensure that the system will not request new login information.

Temporary Registration

If you are not yet registered, you may REGISTER as a temporary participant so you can examine the course at no cost or obligation.


There is a grace period of three weeks that allows you full access to all course material.  However, access to support, submission of assessment, or request for CE credits will be made available when you register for the fully acredited course.


Should you, for any reason, be unable to start the course after payment, please inform us and your full tuition will be refunded. Should you choose to discontinue the course after completing one or more section, you will be awarded CE credits for that which you have completed and a proportional refund will be issued for that which you are unable to complete.