Our Invitation

This is a self-administered, online course.

The course is quite comprehensive. This is why it has been granted 25 Hours CE credits. This is also why we have made the full course open for your examination and assessment, and why we have allowed you unrestricted access for a full year after you have started. We will take your participation seriously and will communicate with you as you go through the course.


Lives of great men reached and kept
were not attained by sudden flight
but they while their companions slept
kept toiling onwards through the night.  (The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam)


Below, there are two options for registration. One is the committed registration. The other allows you to examine the course in its entirety before making your decision. The temporary registration on the right is complimentary. Please use it, login and review.

Full Registration

When you are ready to do the complete program and earn the CE credits, you may register for the full course here.  The cost is $250.00 CAD and includes all material, support or guidance, assessment, certification at the end, and continued access for a full year to all resources and active support.  If you are upgrading your registration, your form will have a radio button at the top. Check that you have an existing account and your established credentials will be used.

Temporary Registration

This temporary registration is offered so you can examine the full course at no cost or obligation for two weeks to determine if it is suitable to you.  When ready, you upgrade to the fully accredited course by checking the FULL REGISTRATION green button on the left.  If you could not examine it during the allotted time, your registration would have expired.  That’s okay. Simply login and you will be invited to re-register.  Please check the box indicating that you have an existing account.

Registered users may LOGIN here to examine or take this course.

Lost your Password?

You may use this form to request time off for study. You may send it to us either for confirmation or for safekeeping. As seems necessary with adobe forms, it is best filled out by first saving it to your computer and opening it separately as an Acrobat Reader file. You do this by right-clicking the form and choosing save-as.

You may use this form for Human Resources to cover the cost of this course if that is available to you. They will be filling out the registration in the name and email submitted. The confirmation will come to you at your email address. You can then change the provided password (click ‘forgot password’) and start the course.


Should you, for any reason, be unable to start the course after payment, please inform us and your full tuition will be refunded. Should you choose to discontinue the course after completing one or more section, you will be awarded CE credits for that which you have completed and a proportional refund will be issued for that which you are unable to complete.