When your past activities place you in rough and troubled waters that you still must navigate with authority and refinement you will need more than gentle encouragement or stern governance

You need, instead, a strategy that respects your intelligence, teaches you to examine yourself objectively and manage differently because you know and feel better.  You lead yourself with personal authority that is founded on a creative, intellectual, and logical you.

As a professional or maybe someone who functions in a position of authority, you cannot realistically manage a past transgression by forcing total self-restraint or making yourself dependent on another person or community.  Instead, you have to examine yourself, see where and why you have functioned immaturely, and rise to those conditions with a more rational and considerate attitude.


You are no less human than anyone else.  You do make mistakes – often because you occupy that position of great responsibility.  This places you at the forefront of change.  You simply have to be able to face change with authority that goes beyond your professional, commercial, or personal preparation, whenever change comes your way, not to react physically because that authority has become insufficient, fragile, or factitious.

Our work with you will be intense, personal, and stimulating.  There is no judgment nor diagnostic categorization.  We see abnormal feelings and behaviour as natural reactions when you are facing conditions for which you are ill-prepared.  So we look for and focus on those areas of insufficiency or fragmented development.


We will do an initial assessment that is secure and detailed, focusing on those areas of insufficiency, not only on the behaviour or feelings that are evoked when you are there.  Personal information gleaned when we explore your history, attitudes, and feelings will remain private and secure, to be destroyed if you decide not to continue.  Once we have decided what your needs are we will discuss with you a cost that you will consider on its own merit.  Until you have made a decision to continue, there is no charge.


We will work with you and represent you to your professional organization.  We are well aware that any demonstration of weakness, or relapse to old habits even under duress, can affect your position negatively.  So we work to be able to confirm that, after our interaction, you will have learned to manage, not just the behaviour, but the personal insufficiencies that once led to your behaviour.  Thus a recommendation that you are no longer a danger to reoffend, relapse, or be a risk to your profession or those for whom you are directly responsible – as may be a concern to the legal, professional, or occupational authorities – can be made without reservation.  We will, however, take this recommendation seriously and only provide it if we can support it with conviction..


This includes report to court (if legal issues have arisen).  It includes written recommendations to your professional body detailing the reasons for that conclusion.

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At the end of this meeting we will discuss our assessment and our plan how to work with you.  We will also discuss financial costs.  If all of these cannot be accomplished in one meeting, a followup meeting will be arranged privately.  When you have decided to proceed you will be sent a unique registration form which you will fill out and submit.  From then, you will be able to login to FIRESIDE CHATS whenever you enter the website.

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