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Prometheum’s Guidance

We offer a packaged service that we discuss with you at your initial private assessment. As we are registered as an educational establishment, we can neither bill nor are we able to claim coverage as a health provider. We are confident in the value of our ability to guide you, however, and are thus able to provide all the services you need to reach your goal of self-determination and self-realization for a single fee that is suggested at your assessment.

This fee will cover you for any consultation you wish to have with us, even long after you have accomplished your goal.

What We Do

Our approach is simple. We are your guide, not your healer – because we see your problem as a breach in your understanding, not a disorder. We see every human being as an intelligent life force functioning through a physical body. In other words we do not see a body with a mind. We see a mind with a body.

We also see that everyone needs and has the responsibility to build the power of mental acuity. You only need to own it by knowing what it is and how to energize and use it.

Sometimes we learn or believe that we can energize it through our connection with material possessions, appearance, physical strength and stamina, or social acceptance. Then our mental strength becomes as fragile, fickle, or superficial as they are leaving us compromised, weakened, or exhausted mentally whenever these vulnerable sources are compromised.

We will discover why you have not established a stable strength within yourself and show you how to transfre value to yourself as a mind with the power to think, create understanding, and do so appropriate to the challenge..

We can and will teach you how to be the builder within you, not just the storage of learned information.

This is easy and possible because YOU do it. We only guide and encourage you to do it. It is fast and powerful because it works by building you, a process you learn and apply for the rest of your life, growing it daily until the end of your days.

Our Guidance

How we work with you

Our drive is to refocus you on building your own desire, strength, wisdom.

Our audiovisual platform is your library and your connection to us. We can use that platform seamlessly because we are simply your guides.

Our work with you will be intense, personal, and stimulating. There is no judgment or diagnostic categorization.

We see abnormal feelings and behaviour as natural reactions when you are facing conditions for which you are ill-prepared. So we first look, not at what you are doing, but why. This is not what seems obvious because it is a lack, something you will not think of naturally.

We will do an initial assessment that will focus on those areas of insufficiency or fragmented capability, not only on the behaviour or feelings that are evoked when you are there. After our first meeting when we will discover what are the holes in your development of self and why they are there, we will set up several meetings with you to talk about building yourself.

Each meeting will last as long as is needed, usually about two hours as they are powerful, analytic discussions about life, you, and how you see yourself in your reality.

We will discuss life with you, asking you to explore the library of lectures and chats we have available for you. They are not designed to be pretty or entertaining. They are meant to be enlightening. Thus, they are not shows; they are father/son, mother/daughter talks.

We will recommend books for you to read to stimulate your thinking, not to lead you along a designated path.

We will suggest movies that will, not entertain, but will excite your logical analysis.

This is life management. We cannot promise that it will be easy, but we can promise that it will be exhilarating.

No matter how successful you may be in specialized areas of life – education, professional or executive functions, finances, entertainment or social responsibility – there will be areas where you may not have had the opportunity to build cognitive strength and confidence.

We will be merely your coach, guiding you to consider these areas of relative darkness and expand yourself to embrtace them and have authority in them.

In order for us to determine how best to help and guide you, please book an initial assessment with us if you have not already done so.  This will require a little more than 2 hours of your time.  It is complimentary.

Initial Assessment.


You will have been given the costs of your program at your initial consultation or in the subsequent meeting. Please use the button below to register. You may pay in full now or make a deposit with payment of the rest at a later date.

Prometheum Guidance

Cost as discussed