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Prometheum’s Guidance

We offer a specialized approach to mental health.  It does not matter whether you are seeking because your mental health has been compromised by fragile, inadequate, or superficial values or if you simply want to know how to have a strong, secure sense of self.  We will offer you  a way of seeing yourself, energizing yourself, and taking on your world with fortitude and determination.  We do not pamper you or cover your feelings with medications.  We are real.  We show you where and why your mental health is not as stable or as strong as you would like to have it.  Then we show you how to build your mental strength on the structure that you have.  We do not see what you have as bad or sick or foolish but, as with everyone, our mental strength can always use both a boost and a strategy to make it resilient in today’s climate of inconsistency and instability.  Though it may seem onerous at first, as you go along, you will find it inspiring and empowering.

What We Do

Our approach is logical and uncomplicated though it deals with a complex issue. We see ourselves as your guide, not your healer – because we see your problem as a breach in your understanding, not a disorder. We see every human being as an intelligent life force functioning through a physical body. In other words we do not see a body with a mind. We see a mind with a body.

We also see that everyone needs and has the responsibility to build the power of mental acuity. You only need to own it by knowing what it is and how to energize and use it.

Sometimes you may have learned or believed that you can bypass having to work to build it by focusing on your connection with material possessions, appearance, physical strength and stamina, or social acceptance. Then mental strength remains as fragile, fickle, or superficial as these are leaving you compromised, weakened, or exhausted mentally whenever these vulnerable sources are themselves compromised.

Sometimes you may have been granted the opportunity and right to indulge yourself doing only what has become entertaining or easy, neglecting personal growth.  Then, when you need that intelligence, it is insufficent and life appears too difficult.  So you stay with the activities you like or find an easier way to just exist, losing your more advanced attributes to reliance on primal instincts.

Our goal is to discover why you have not established a stable strength within yourself and show you how to build, rebuild, or restore it by transferring value to yourself as a mind with the power to think, create understanding, and do so appropriate to the challenge..

Our Guidance

How we work with you

Our drive is to refocus you on building your own desire, strength, wisdom.  This is easy and possible because YOU do it. We only show you how. It is  a process you learn and apply for the rest of your life, embracing and enjoying it daily until the end of your days.

Our audiovisual platform is your library and your connection to us. We can use that platform seamlessly because we are simply your guides.

Our work with you will be intense, personal, and stimulating. There is no judgment or diagnostic categorization.

We see abnormal feelings and behaviour as natural reactions when you are facing conditions for which you are ill-prepared. So we first look, not at what you are doing, but why. This is not what seems obvious because it is a lack, something you will not think of naturally.

If you request it and as often as you feel you need it, we will conduct a private, on-line consultation with you that will focus on those areas of insufficiency or fragmented capability, not only on the behaviour or feelings that are evoked when you are there. You may not need or desire it, however, if we do it we will discuss what are the holes in your development of self and why they are there.  Then, we will show you how to use the platfoirm to build yourself into the power you are meant to be.

It is all up to you.  We will help you as much as you feel you need it but, no more than you really need it.  Thus you will realize great outcomes for little expenditure and as quickly as you will allow it to work within you.


Our Call To Action

Begin Your Journey Here

Our thrust is the provision of a unique service that is intended to give interested seekers inexpensive yet comprehensive guidance for building the self-realization and self-empowerment they need to come out of a mental rut and/or manage career, family, relationships, and personal vision with passion, purpose and poise.

First, you register as a member to be able to access tutorials and expert guidance that can open your eyes and give you perhaps all the insight you may need to “take the ball and run with it”.

Then, at your desire and convenience, you can book a personal, secure online consultation with one of our highly trained and qualified counsellors who can help you to use the lessons to analyze your personal fears and apply them to pull yourself up and tackle your stresses competently.

The cost of registration is a one-time fee of $75.00 and is permanent.  The cost of a consultation is $125.00 for that meeting and you are guaranteed a minimum of one full hour of counselling.  Only registered members can book consultations.  You will find that the combination of personal reading and occasional consultations will give you all you need without prolonged support or association.


About Us

We are a research facility exploring the human mind and how we function as intelligent life forces in today’s climate of extreme change and instability. We have researched a vast range of disciplines – science, medicine, philosophy, sociology, theology, and psychology – to reach a sound understanding of life and our role as a unique existence with the power to think, create complex solutions, and apply ourselves with intelligence and logic. We see that every human has the potential to discover and develop that power.


Prometheum Institute

Prometheus was the Greek god of wisdom. He stole fire from the heavens and taught man to use it. Fire – the passion to want, to reach, to lead.

since 2004

Prometheum Institute is an educational facility that is registered with the department of Colleges and Universities in 2004 as a teaching facility to provide guidance in life management techniques including rehabilitation from drug or alcohol abuse or dependency, and mental health dysfunction manifested as anxiety, self-doubt, anger or other intrusive behaviours.