The Principals

    ALBERT DE GOIAS Program Developer

    Albert de Goias is trained as a physician and practiced in Ontario from 1975 to 2015. In 2015, Albert retired as a physician and has emeritus status with the College of Physicians and Surgeons. Currently, Albert is focused on guiding users of the Understanding Change management model and on exploring more deeply into the response of the human intellect to the challenges introduced by change. He relies on his experience working as a physician as well as his extensive knowledge of physics, ontology, psychology and philosophy to analyze the needs of those who are stuck in an old behavior or unable to function competently in a new set of life conditions. He participates in the analysis of new clients both in the web-based program and private consultations, and supervises the delivery of the personal management system that he designed and has used for the past thirty plus years.

    ANDREA DE GOIAS Program Coordinator

    Andrea de Goias is a qualified addictions counselor.  She did her training at George Brown College in Toronto and her initial practical experience at CAMH.  She has worked in the rehabilitation and recovery field since 1992.  Her initial training in Hungary was in Philosophy and Liberal Arts.  Her training in Toronto allowed her the international addictions certificate, ICADC.  Andrea brings a deep understanding of philosophy and a highly spiritual impact to her work.  Andrea uses her knowledge of The Arts extensively, being able to lead clients to look at themselves objectively using cinematographic art as her canvas.  She can place anyone within a movie and get them to feel the emotions while also interpreting it within their own lifestyle.  This has brought a significant contribution to the personal management system that Prometheum uses.