When you find yourself in a tight spot

You are still the best person to get yourself out
Do you know how to?

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These problems do not arise because you are mentally weak or bad or disturbed.  They are natural organic responses used too often, too readily, or too intensely.  They are good – as shields in a battle.  They are bad when you rely on them to be your mainstay.   And you rely on them only when your more sophisticated intelligent options are not available or not developed sufficiently.

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Let us open your eyes to the wonderful feeling of being self-assured and self-driven – all the time.  It is not easy so I won’t pretend to be able to tell it to you in a simple cliche.  I will rather have you attend a live webinar where you can interact, ask questions, see a visual display of a very abstract subject.  You will learn  that your best asset for dealing with life is not your physical prowess, financial depth, or social status.  It is your ability to think, make decisions on the fly even for contitions that are not familiar or easy – changes in work demands, other people’s expectations and rejection, unexpected health issues.  You will learn  that no one can give you answers today that will apply tommorow, not even you, but that you can be creative and confident when anything changes.

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