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module six

Apply a Strong Self to Your Social Reality

Heal where you can’t touch,

…the machinations of the mind

apply it to you

see it in others

Take it forward

In this module, you will learn how to engage another person by looking at what drives them and what fears or concerns impede them. Meanwhile, you will also build your own flexibility to work with their limitations even though they do not see them or may believe that they are functioning within their rights. It prepares you with the ability to place the other person at ease while looking at, not the faults and failures, but the blanks that need to be filled and how to fill them productively. This gives hope and, with that, the energy and desire to discover self (self-realization).

Now that you have examined the machinations of the human mind, you are ready to do what was proposed in the first module – look where you can’t see, that is, apply it not only to you but to how you relate to others. You will learn that you can see that aspect of the human experience only when the person chooses to reveal it, and in the same way, they can only see what you choose to reveal.

The good part is that every human being wants to reveal what they think. We are only hampered by the clutter of feelings and actions, and by the uncertainty that what we really have to reveal may be considered insufficient or undesirable. You must know how to help others bypass those concerns honestly and intelligently just as you have learned to do so for yourself in the past two modules. This module is really about relating so you can both make the common elements of a relationship congenial and help the other to meet you at a higher common ground.

We will show you how to build the trust quickly so you can go about the more important work of empowering the person to expand and appreciate those resources and attitudes. You must, however, be able to distract them from the clutter of feelings and behaviors and help them focus on the art of self-realization and self-actualization. New behaviors will become logic driven rather than reaction-based. In other words, they will start to change an old behaviour or mood, not by fixing them directly, but by building the opposite attitude and action.

Putting It Together Practically

Some PowerPoint Discourses

Let's Look at Life more Objectively
Unlocking Moods and Behaviours

It might very well be that when we fail to solve the puzzles of life, they remain with us. We have to do them sooner or later; and it seems reasonable to suppose that the problems of life ought to be solved during life, while we have to our hands the apparatus in which they arose. We might find that after death the problems were unaltered, but that we were impotent to deal with them. Aleister Crowley, Diary of a drug fiend

Unlocking Unhealthy Moods and Behaviours

Structured Lessons

Positive Applications
Youth and Drugs

Substance Use

Where is God when we are most in need?

Securing Mental Strength in a Crisis

These are additional resources to put the theory into practice


I guess you are ready for some good, challenging reading, yes?
Being a Good Leader
What is the responsibility of the person in a leadership position? Is it to show courage in adversity? Is it to motivate or encourage others to do their best? Or is it to have the role of advisor, guide, or coach taking others through their paces to become a mature contributor to their community? No matter what your definition or aspirations may be, there are two conditions you must be prepared to manage beyond those where you are well trained or experienced. These conditions are evoked by the natural tendency of everything to be susceptible to change, influenced by forces that are invisible, often unpredictable, and continuously active. These forces do not only infect the conditions you are required to manage. They form the conditions.



Communicating in a Marriage or Family Unit

The need to communicate effectively in a marriage or family unit is perhaps one of the most challenging responsibilities we must face today. It is a responsibility because a relationship is the most dynamic area of life, dynamism that is based on the hidden, individual thoughts, desires and feelings of the people involved. People think constantly. Their thoughts are generated in directions that are influenced by past experiences, present perceptions and personal feelings. In today`s complex social, economic and mechanical world, no one`s total past experience equals anyone else`s.


Some Casual Chats
Managing People


A Look At The Turmoil Of Divorce

Putting it all Together
A summary

Getting Ahead is Easy

Though these modules were designed to share a formula anyone can use to empower and safeguard their mental strength, many users will find that they can use both encouragement and portrayed applications in order to truly implement and own the ideas shared.

Therefore, we encourage you to either continue discussions with your own counsellor who can provide that encouragement and portrayal or book an appointment with one of our in-house guides who are professionally trained and fully acquainted with this method.  It will require an additional cost but the final cost will always be much less than the traditional route as you will quickly and firmly take charge and become the “Master Of Your Own Life”.  You may request a consultation in the box below.  Payment for it and booking the time slot for your appointment can also be done by clicking the appriopriate link in the blue menu bar above.

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When you are satisfied that your examination of these penetrating discourses is insightful and stimulating and you feel already empowered to take charge and confront your challenges with maturity, it can be beneficial for you to review the whole journey from Module 1.   The discussions will give a different more penetrating perspective.

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