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module five

Apply A Strong Self to Your Physical Reality

Heal where you can’t touch,

…the machinations of the mind

apply it to you

see it in others

Take it forward

Now that you have a different but more logical and purposeful sense of life, I will lead you to apply it to your physical challenges.  You will begin to see that adversity happens, not to punish or hinder you, but to give you an opportunity to use them to build knowledge, the only attribute or asset you will always have – even when you cannot display it.  It is only with this new attitude that you will be able to face adversity comfortably and accomplish because you feel empowered rather than seek to feel empowered because of what you may have accomplished.


Putting It Together Practically

Some PowerPoint Discourses

Let's Start Examining Ourselves
Unhealthy Habits

Ah! But a man’s reach must exceed his grasp. Or what’s a heaven for? Robert Browning


Structured Lessons

Influencing and Managing Others
Lesson 16. Diagnose the Situation

Lesson 17. Explore The Identity

Lesson 18. Influence The Growth

Lesson 19. Energize The Maturity

These are additional resources to put the theory into practice


I guess you are ready for some good, challenging reading, yes?
On Management and Stress
To tackle any problem, it is always expedient to first define the parameters that influence it. To manage life, therefore, one must be able to understand the stresses that make life challenging and the resources we need to apply ourselves successfully to those stresses. This is the act of management, a responsibility of every individual. It is a responsibility that becomes more apparent as we grow out of the protected state of childhood into the accountable position of adulthood. Stress! A Stress is a distortion of a situation from a state of equilibrium to one of temporary imbalance. It results when an activity changes existing conditions, and requires management, usually because it affects us, someone, or something for which we are responsible.


An Analytic Approach to Behaviour
Every individual, every human being is equal to every other in having the same responsibility to manage ourselves in this world of immense biological, mechanical and social activity. Every individual is equal to every other person in having the same two categories of management options. One is proactive management that comes when we have conscious, rational understanding of the situation to be managed.


The Chaos and Complexity Approach to Personal Management

If management can be defined as the process of reaching a state of equilibrium with a task or respon-sibility, then life as a whole is a management challenge! It is management because, in order to succeed or at the least survive, we are required to achieve an equilibrium with the many things and people that form our environment. It is a challenge because, regardless of how well we may have managed one issue, change creates a disequilibrium requiring another effort at success or survival. In order, there-fore, to be successful at any aspect of life – career, health, or relationships – we must first accept the responsibility as managers of our own lives. Then we must look at how this can be achieved most effectively in the highly volatile conditions we face today. READ MORE

Some Casual Chats
Youth and Drugs

Examining Addictions in the Disease Model

Getting Ahead is Easy

Though these modules were designed to share a formula anyone can use to empower and safeguard their mental strength, many users will find that they can use both encouragement and portrayed applications in order to truly implement and own the ideas shared.

Therefore, we encourage you to either continue discussions with your own counsellor who can provide that encouragement and portrayal or book an appointment with one of our in-house guides who are professionally trained and fully acquainted with this method.  It will require an additional cost but the final cost will always be much less than the traditional route as you will quickly and firmly take charge and become the “Master Of Your Own Life”.  You may request a consultation in the box below.  Payment for it and booking the time slot for your appointment can also be done by clicking the appriopriate link in the blue menu bar above.

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