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module four

Discover Your Purpose

Look at life objectively

…our reality

what drives it?

how it changes?

why it changes?

The fourth thing you need to know is that such is the purpose of life – to know… to keep knowing.  The body will die.  That is inevitable.  The mind cannot die.  Build it so it is strong.  Do not dismiss it for the sake of survival.  This will perhaps be the most difficult area of logic and you may have to examine some lessons more than once because I will introduce you to some elevated scientific arguments – relativity, quantum mechanics, chaos and complexity – that will offer irrefutable proof of this argument. It is absolutely necessary so that you can build a sense of purpose that is more sustainable than the natural one of survival.  Survival is the purpose of all lower species… and it is self-limiting, isn’t it?

This part of the course will lead you to examine life as a perpetually changing paradigm of components that can make any event, any task significantly different from a more familiar state, and thus more stressful. In other words, stress will always be too much. It will also examine another obscurity. This is the depth of your capabilities, how this is developed and can be re-energized or re-activated. Remember, you will be going down a path of responsibility and self-realization that is quite unfamiliar and difficult. So, it is important to see that, when you are moving from, say 1 to 100 and you reach 5, it may seem that you have only gained 4% improvement. You are still 95% away from 100. Yet you have gained 400%… from 1.

Now Let Us Have A Scientific Look at Reality

Some PowerPoint Discourses

Let's Look at Life more Objectively
Empowerment and Restoration

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards. Søren Kierkegaard

Though this may appear somewhat dense at first glance, the enterprisong reader will discopver that there are so many pearls in this presentation that they will leave with a greater insight to manage with kind authority, not only themselves but others within their family or work circle.


Structured Lessons

Immunizing Self to the Barbs of Life
Lesson 12. The Objective

Lesson 13. The Accountability

Lesson 14. The Immunity

Lesson 15. The Maturity

These are additional resources to put the theory into practice


These discussions are meant to challenge conventional thinking. Let us hope that they will inspire and enlighten you.
Really? Is an Addiction a Disease or a Choice?
Addiction is not a disease! It is actually a completely reversible condition. To see this, let us examine what a disease is, and then look at whether the addictive behavior qualifies as such. The Webster dictionary defines a disease in two ways. First, it is a disordered or incorrectly functioning organ, part, structure, or system of the body resulting from the effect of genetic or developmental errors, infection, poisons, nutritional deficiency or imbalance, toxicity, or unfavorable environmental factors. Second, it is any harmful, depraved, or morbid condition, as of the mind or society. It is the second definition that allows the inclusion of addiction as a disease. However, when we use the word disease, we think of the former. We search for the disordered part and, if we do not find it, we presume it exists. Is addiction a depraved or morbid condition? Nobody wants that label. Is it a disorder of some part of the body? No one has found that. All present arguments are presumptive. I would like to propose an alternative consideration.
"Mental Illness" - an examination

Every time I examine articles or listen to discussions on mental health, the subject always either starts with the mental disorders a person seems to experience or reveal, or it gravitates to that. It appears to consider that mental health is a state that signifies normalcy in a person. Then, if that normalcy seems absent or compromised, the conclusion is that the mind is disturbed or ill.

The pervading view, therefore, in the approach to a person with an unhealthy mood or behavior is to recognize the condition as an anomaly and work to remove or suppress it, or t5reat the person as a pariah who cannot be expected to function fully as human. That view is held whether we are trying to manage, heal, direct, judge, or help another person, or if we are the person who is looking for assistance or direction. READ MORE

Some Casual Chats
Deconstructing Performance Anxiety

Mental Health is not a disease condition

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Getting Ahead is Easy

Though these modules were designed to share a formula anyone can use to empower and safeguard their mental strength, many users will find that they can use both encouragement and portrayed applications in order to truly implement and own the ideas shared.

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