Let Us Examine and Understand Our World

module two

 Discover Your World

The world is more than what we see

…the wind, the sounds, movement

what are they?

where do they come from?

can they ever stay still? be calm?

Now let us look at our environment, the reality that can be soft, glowing, warm, and inviting one moment.  Then, without warning it can be vicious, disastrous, overpowering.  What about in between?  Do we not realize that between the calm and the storm, many things are happening that are invisible to us, but build to bring conditions that are hostile and unpredictable?  It this so by chance?  Or by design?  Let’s face it, bad things do not happen because of the punishment or neglect of an almighty. Things happen… oblivious to you.  The earth belches.  People attempt to make it comfortable to them, but in doing so, they disturb it further fior others. And when we are not prepared, these actions can devastate or even destroy… the body though not the mind. (I will show you this)  Thus, there is no such argument as something that SHOULD NOT happen. It happens. You are there. period.

Please understand that, though it may be tempting to run through the lessons, you are far better served if you go through them slowly, allowing some time between lessons for personal digestion.

Let's get down to some serious discussions. Are you ready?

Some PowerPoint Discourses

Let's Start Examining Our World
Growing Up

I see myself as a little boy walking on the seashore diverting myself by now and again picking up a smoother pebble or prettier shell when, all along, the vast ocean of knowledge lies undiscovered before me. Sir Isaac Newton.

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Structured Lessons

How We Impact Our World
Lesson 4. The Challenge of Relating

Lesson 5. The Identity
Lesson 6. The Defence
Lesson 7. The Responsibility

These are additional resources to put the theory into practice


Some Light Reading to Inspire Your Thinking
Value Systems

As we grow up in life, we realize or are forced to realize that we are distinct individuals, each to his or her own self. And we want that. No child wants to be mistaken for another, even a sibling, even if that sibling is a twin. But as we develop that individuality, we also realize that what we really are remains hidden within us, invisible to the outside world until we display it or project it in a form that can be identified. That form is a composite of attributes we hold dear. They eventually define us and we can allow them to do it so precisely that how we see ourselves can become inexorably linked to those values we hold so dearly.



Coping Systems

Coping systems are those options we use to help us survive or cope when life throws us a curve. Coping systems depend upon immediate reactive actions that are not initiated through logic. They are used to help tame the immediate threat and so survive its demands.


Self Respect

Self Respect is the ability to maintain dignity in the face of stress, rejection, criticism, or any activity that can erode one`s value systems.

In a world of imposing immensity and persistent change, the forces that can strike at anyone`s value systems can be extreme, unprecedented, and persistent. Yet, we cannot contain or control those external events. There is no special stress that will always threaten every person. What threatens is the difference between what is imposed and the strength of the systems defining the person facing those impositions. If something destroys the systems that create value and define self, then it can destroy us. As human beings, we will always be bombarded by the immensity of work and the uncertainty of life to a degree greater than our developed strengths can allow us to manage. In addition, rejection and criticism will always reach us. We can, however, attempt to expand our internal strengths so there is greater resilience to the stresses that will impact us.


Some Casual Chats
We are not sheep
What really is Mental Strength?

Getting Ahead is Easy

Though these modules were designed to share a formula anyone can use to empower and safeguard their mental strength, many users will find that they can use both encouragement and portrayed applications in order to truly implement and own the ideas shared.

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