Welcome to The Lessons on Building Mental Strength

module one

 Discover Yourself

Look where you can’t see

…the mind

what is it?

where is it?

is it yours? or is it you?

Now, let us examine what I meant by stating categorically that the mind is NOT the brain.  The mind is you, the who you are. You already know that or feel it.  I am simply stating categorically that it is not the brain.  You see? I start off attacking the most complex concern. Though it may seem too tough and abstract to comprehend, I will use this first section to present logical arguments that will support this.  Later, as you become more attuned to the discussions, I will present scientific data and reason to prove it.

Starting in this module and elaborating through the rest, I will focus on empowering you, or more precisely, showing you how to empower yourself to move forward with assurance or pull yourself out of a rut and then go forward with composure. However, I intend to do this, not by saying or doing things, even with compassion, (if I do that, will I not be confirming your feelings that you are crippled or obtuse?). Instead, I will endeavour to show you that you are whole, not broken or fractured even though you may feel that way now.

I will introduce, through logic and a thorough examination of how you think and feel, that you are whole, just not yet large enough inside (a state that will always exist). You only feel unwhole because you are sometimes overwhelmed by situations outside of your comfort zone. These may be situations that have changed secretly or covertly from the way they were before. They may be situations that are generated by hidden and invisible forces like the opinions and expectations of others, or a general uncertainty that leaves you puzzled.

I will endeavour to show you how to feel whole by separating your image of yourself from the conditions outside of you that will always change. And I will do it logically so that you will accept it because you understand, not because of my assurance. I will show you that you have as much ability to function with authority over those conditions as does anyone else, and I will show you how to do that, quickly and expertly so that you get back in charge of yourself without losing stride.

Just remember that, no matter how accomplished you may be, you will always have areas where your developed abilities are insufficient to manage the conditions that challenge you.  This can be made even harder if you are hoping to display yourself to the satisfaction of expectations you have of yourself elsewhere, or of others whose opinions influence or impact you.

Please understand that, though it may be tempting to run through the lessons, you are far better served if you go through them slowly, allowing some time between lessons for personal digestion.

Let’s Start With Some Serious Observations

Defining The Mind

Let us see where we are taking you. Please click each bar to see video.
My Introduction
What, therefore, IS the human mind

How does the mind evolve?

Again, some logical observations

Let's Start Examining Ourselves

Understanding Ourselves

The heights by great men reached and kept
Were not attained by sudden flight,
But they, while their companions slept,
Were toiling upward in the night.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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Some Introductory Discourses

An example of what we will offer
Our Search for Meaning
An Introductory Summary
Empowerment - What our plan of attack looks like

Structured Lessons

The Dynamics of What we show - Healthy and Unhealthy Behaviour
Lesson 1. Defining The Core

Lesson 2. The Genesis of Moods and Behaviour
Lesson 3. Using The Lessons

These are additional resources to put the theory into practice


Some Light Reading to Inspire Your Thinking
The Lesson from the Canoe

Have you ever seen a person who has never been in a canoe before try to canoe? It looks like an exercise in frustration. He sits awkwardly on one of the seats and gingerly paddles, first on the right, and then on the left. On a smooth lake, it may even seem to be a pleasant exercise though somewhat overdone. Now suppose such a person sets out bravely enjoying a glassy-smooth lake early one morning. The zigzag path doesn’t concern him as he stays close to shore or secure within a small bay. Now let us suppose that a young teenager with a fast motor boat zooms by close to this intrepid but inexperienced canoeist.  READ MORE

Self Esteem

Self-Esteem is an awareness of self as an existent or entity that is whole, complete, valuable, one who fits in with the reality he/she occupies.

Because there is not any initial self-awareness when a person is born, every child starts life without self-esteem. A child, and subsequently a youth, builds a personal vision of self that is based on attributes that appear to define and present them as the independent and respectable or acceptable individual. Therefore Self-Esteem is low when the attributes that the child can reach to define a value of self are unfavorable, disordered, or fragile. Think about it.



Some Casual Chats
How do you grow?
On Spirituality

Getting Ahead is Easy

Though these modules were designed to share a formula anyone can use to empower and safeguard their mental strength, many users will find that they can use both encouragement and portrayed applications in order to truly implement and own the ideas shared.

Therefore, we encourage you to either continue discussions with your own counsellor who can provide that encouragement and portrayal or book an appointment with one of our in-house guides who are professionally trained and fully acquainted with this method.  It will require an additional cost but the final cost will always be much less than the traditional route as you will quickly and firmly take charge and become the “Master Of Your Own Life”. 

You may order the full programme if you decide to explore it on your own; you may request access if you have already started a professional relationship with us.  The programme is complimentary to you.  Finally, if you are a therapist or provider and wish to do the full programme for CE credits, you may request that at the Professionals box. The cost here is slightly more but you also get much more for your investment.  

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Purchasing the full programme  is a privilege that allows you to have, not only the information pertinent to your special concern, but also insights into other aspects of life that WILL come up in your future.  Preparation changes any challenge from a burden to a delight. We look forward to sharing these deeply intuitive ideas with you.

For Private Clients

These video podcasts are intended to augment our efforts to lead you to greater self-realization.  Please use them in conjunction with our personalized guidance so we can help you to better understand the direction we are taking you and help you become productive, purposeful, and self-governed.

For Professionals

This course has been approved for 25 hours CE credits by CACCF and CCPA.  It will allow you to see the client, less as an addict or mentally ill person, and more as a person whose mental/psychological development has been delayed because of insufficiencies in exposure to the variety of challenges we have to face,