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Prometheus, the Greek god of wisdom, stole fire from the heavens and taught man to use it. We wish to share with you and have you share with others the fire of self-realization and self-actualization as the ultimate destination of the human spirit.

There are two main desires within the human spirit – self-preservation, a primal, organic instinct, and self-respect – a cultured, intelligent attribute associated only with the human species.  You may see your job as that of dealing with the immediate, debilitating condition of an addiction or a mental breakdown associated with an addicition, and achieving or aiming to achieve self-preservation. This is recovery.  The rest is up to the client, or is it?

Will your client also restore self-respect just by staying clean or seeking the embrace of a tolerant, supportive community? Will your client be able to face another condition that destroys self-esteem, or the same condition that comes differently without falling back to old habits?  To have the strength to do this requires a belief in self and an understanding of how to invest it or keep it, in a world where life can be unstable or imposing and people disagreeable or unforgiving.  By default, your client does not have this in a stable, self-sustained state.

Your job may not take you beyond self-preservation, but your passion may!

Stepping beyond self-preservation and instilling purpose and meaning is not as difficult or time-consumming as seems on the surface.  All you need are the passion to want more out of your job and the insight to steer your client to build it.  Remember, by default, your client does not really know how to do this, often revealing that lack, or its replacement with a suuperficial, spurious, or fragile option when the facade of the addiction is removed.

We want to invite those counsellors who truly want to go beyond just self-preservation to teach your client – about life, about themselves, about purpose, so they become a fulfilled, self-assured, mature and productive adult.  To do this for your client, you must first know how to do it for yourself.  Let us go on that journey of self discovery, that of self-realization and self-actualization, a radical but not competitive experience, a complex but not complicated study.

“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.” Friedrich Nietzsche

Please examne our present course offerings above and then go to the course you wish to take. Presently, the Beyond Recovery course has been approved for CE credits. As soon as the others are, we will open them for further examination.  Thank you.



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