our mission

To inspire people to reach for their greatest potential, to discover that they are more than sophisticated bodies with a need to survive but are intelligent minds with a need to grow.

Our method is unique because we aspire to enflame the desire for self-actualization and self-assurance in the people we meet or have the opportunity to influence.

We believe that everyone deserves to feel good about themselves and how they manage their lives –

the diehard addict or those trying to restore normalcy after an addiction.

the convict or those who simply made a mistake

the emotionally compromised  or those who simply feel stressed, lonely, insecure, or inadequate.

We see that emotions drive behavior; they are not created by it.  The behaviour – addiction, anger, conciliation, withdrawal – is only the revelation of the unstable or unestablished emotional strength, a problem that can more easily and more permanently be overcome than can the attempts to heal a presumed and ill-defined disease.

Therefore, we focus on building and securing a rational and strong emotional state that is backed by ingenuity, not social, corporeal, or material assets.  We hold steadfastly that a person with a strong and balanced emotional state will naturally feel and display rational responses; we do not have to teach that.  It is innate to the rational mind.  We also hold that, when rational states persist, old habits die or are reduced by attrition.  We do not have to restrain them.

We want to encourage people to believe in their own power and to understand chaos and complexity in life, not as conditions they must overpower or which may overpower them, but as fuel that can stimulate and invigorate them!

The Understanding Change model and method that we developed and tested over the past forty years focus on building logic and vision to deal with life as life presents instead of trying to form and shape the things, people, and activities of reality to be in sync with what each person wants.

The mantra must be:  I know me, I believe in me, and I do because I feel good instead of hoping to feel good by controlling what I do.

we promote the technique that guides the users, not just to live, but to live with productivity, clarity and assurance in a complex and challenging world. through our e-learning website: https://www.understandingchange.org.

Go there now and give yourself a management advantage in a world of persistent insecurity and strife.