Our mission is unique because we do not focus on stopping the addictive act with the expectation that ‘doing things right’ will set a proper path and create good feelings because the path is followed,.


Rather we focus on diagnosing why there is a weakness, insecurity, or trivial aspiration that drives the desire to pursue the artificial gratification that becomes the addiction.  Then, together, we design a way to address that source so that good feelings come from within and a right path becomes one of self-initiated purpose and poise.

We show you how to believe in yourself, how to understand chaos and complexity in life, not as conditions you must overpower or which may overpower you, but as energy to stimulate and invigorate you!

We focus on showing you how to like you so you can deal with life positively as it comes, from whom it comes.

The mantra must be:  I know me, I believe in me, and I do because I feel good instead of hoping to feel good by controlling what I do.

we will guide you and those you ask us to help, not just to live, but to live with purpose, productivity, and poise in a world of chaos, complexity, and change that can play havoc on anyone and drive the feelings that can lead to addiction.