Our Mission Statement

We see that life can be complex, but it does not have to be complicated. Prevailing conclusions are that we are born good and mentally stable unless we do something to become bad or mentally unstable. We contend that we are born deficient and thus naturally awkward and mentally weak. We learn to be good and mentally strong. It is our mission to help the bad and unstable by teaching how to expand the good and stable and progressively overcome the natural deficiencies in intellectual, social and existential considerations.

Understanding Change evolved as a method of seeing life as an activity of perpetual change and ourselves as minds with the capability to understand life, not just live within it. A combined examination of life, morality, performance and health using the disciplines of medicine (including neuropathology), physics (including chaos theory), philosophy (including noology and epistemology), and spirituality (including theology) catalyzed it. It was first applied as a therapeutic tool in a medical practice, then used as a management tool in addiction rehabilitation. Now it is used exclusively as a life management tool, providing youth in particular and anyone in general with the means to appreciate the disharmony of life and use it to build self, not fear it as an impediment to physical survival.

In 2004, we opened the Prometheum Institute and had it registered with the Department of Colleges and Universities in Ontario offering its services as a direct teaching of the Understanding Change method of management to visitors. We call it Prometheum Institute in honor of the Greek god of wisdom who, in defiance to Zeus, stole fire from heaven and taught man to use it. We interpret fire as understanding, driving the ability to be responsible, accountable, and purposeful. Through it, we have seen and helped hundreds of youth, young adults and some more mature adults build, rebuild and secure a powerful self-image, even after severe criminal acts, drug use, domestic abuse, and personal stress or depression. What is even more important is that, using this method, our clients have all gone on to higher learning, better job challenges, better management of family, and stimulating relationships. Many stay in touch with us, either by telephone, email, or regular mail. We want to make this available to anyone who has a desire to discover and enlighten themselves, not just survive a transition, stop a habit, or simplify their life.

We see it as the mandate of the human being to stimulate and develop this deeper asset of mental power and acuity.  Thus, when it is not the primary attribute driving success but is replaced by other assets out of choice or necessity, instinctual responses can become the most reliable or perhaps only strength.  It is the reliance on these natural, instinctual responses as the mainstay of behavior that is revealed as improper or unhealthy behavior.  Because this is a lack rather than a damage, it is more expedient to build what is not there rather than fix what is only functioning within its design limitations.  Filling the deficit can then give a person the strength to go forward with self-determination and self-actualization, not a chronically fragile existent needing to be sheltered from the ravages of life just to survive.

Discover… Recover… Expand Mental Strength

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