Go Beyond Recovery
Learn to Face Life
Independently, Creatively, and

Life Directions – to Live Life! Love Life! Be You!

What do you do after a lifestyle of…


  • superficial pleasures?
  • escaping to the contrived shelter of drugs and alcohol?
  • justified anger, irritability, manipulation that are coming back to haunt you?


Or when you are experiencing


  • feelings of despair, loneliness, self-loathing, uncertainty, anxiety

…too often, too deeply, too easily?


You may have subdued your responses already and recovered from past activities.  You may have resigned to accepting those feelings as your fate that you must endure. Yet, you still have to live forward.  And you have only one life.  You never choose the conditions.  You can only choose how you face them.  At some point you must realize that it is possible to understand life and your role in it – exactly as it has been unfolding before you.


It is you – not being wrong – but not knowing better how to build a sense of identity, purpose, contentment, and authority even in conditions where life seems to be too difficult, too demanding, or too invasive.  We all have to learn to deal with the things, people, and health that we have been dealt, that we must face.


Let us show you how.

Our primary focus is in the provision of specialized and personalized interaction with anyone who wishes to explore life more intelligently and themselves more purposefully so they can feel good inside – no matter what is outside.  We offer discreet guidance whether there is a problem with substance use as a manifestation of mental conflict or whether there is no problem but there is a desire to expand self.

An Introduction to Our Unique Focus

We also offer generalized discourses in online meetings to small groups in classroom settings if they do not have a specific need and will participate in an anonymous forum.


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Discover… Recover… Expand Mental Strength