Welcome to The Video Podcasts on Building Mental Strength

Only you can build your mental strength. Here we help you examine both your world and yourself from a logical and scientific basis so you build your mental strength to manage rationally when life seems harsh and uninviting, when people seem hostile or ungrateful, when your body gets ill or injured.

Mental strength is more than academic intelligence.  It is more than i.q. plus e.q.  It is the ability to realize self as a force of reason and to focus on making that the best it can be. Reason can let us examine something that, when unknown, can seem huge, formidable, but when understood, can seem simple, easy.  Yet, it has not changed.  What changed is your understanding. Reason builds understanding.  It is infinitely more expandable than physical, financial, or social strength.

Please look at what each module addresses by advancing the carousel using the arrows on the side.

Now, please look at our method for helping you secure your MENTAL STRENGTH.

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