Fireside Chats Learn to Know yourself Like yourself Empower yourself to face life constructively and purposefully

Welcome to our fireside chats on life as a changing reality and you as an intelligent life force designed to be stimulated, not suppressed by it.

These ‘fireside chats’ are meant to take you on a journey.  It is a journey that may seem complex.  It is complex because life IS complex. So many things are happening, sometimes all at the same time that even the best trained person will sometimes get into trouble. Added to that is the realization that everybody will react to this complexity in different ways, creating more havoc and sometimes painful impositions.


So we are talking about something you don’t usually want to examine in as much detail as we will show you.  Yet, it is that resistance that leaves you with an innocence or naïveté in so many areas of life, a naïveté that has caused you to go down a path of self-protection and eventually self-destruction. We want you to know that this is not a fault or illness as much as it is a dearth in your depth of learned resources so we are combining it with small group discussions to help you to examine and build on it. We will do it as simply as it lends itself, but the objective is to give you power to take yourself through this quagmire we call life.

These presentations and the full depth of instructions, discourses, and other resources are available to you to use as many times and as long as you wish.  Access to Fireside Chats is available for a reasonable fee of $375.00 CAD.  This is the only fee you will pay, if you choose to proceed with our counsel. We believe that, by doing it this way, everyone will have affordable access to good and wholesome guidance to go beyond recovery and enjoy a productive, purposeful life.


These chats will only be available after you have registered (an option you choose to do at your own discretion).  Until then, only the introductory chats below are live.  Please view them and so prepare yourself for that first meeting you may have already requested.  I look forward to inspiring you with a deeper examination of life and the strength to manage yourself, not be managed in your journey forward.

At this point you may wish to explore further by attending the second forum. Please choose a date below.

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