Now, you may let these short video clips show you that the journey is both enlightening and pleasant.  At the end you will feel a difference in the way you look at life and at yourself.  There will be no six or ten or twelve rules for you to remember and apply.  You will just look at life differently and you will notice that you will approach your challenges with a new attitude, not one we will prescribe, but one that you will have developed on your own.  Then, though it will not happen immediately,  you will find that old fears and behaviours will dissipate gradually and be replaced with confidence in you and a bold sense of purpose.

Treat it as a discovery and enjoy the exploration.

A Few Short Discussions

Let us see where we are taking you. A few short titbits to encourage your interest
Our Search for Meaning
About Insecurity
About Apathy
About Aggression
About Substance Use

Now let us show you how to access all the video podcasts that will show you how to pull out of any rut and make your life both purposeful and satisfying.

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