Our guidance is about life, how to look at it as raw material for personal growth and self-realization, not a challenge to survival.

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ur management model holds strongly that it is the realistic and necessary goal for the human being to learn to be detached from physical matter while using it to feed personal growth. Physical matter includes the body and clothing, chemicals, or other stimulants that enhance it, finances, material possessions, and social or intimate relationships. These are necessary for both learning and the enjoyment of life but must be our servants, not our masters.

It also shows that we have to learn to know ourselves and like ourselves. But we also have to see self as more than the physical composite of matter.  We function as an intelligence that is a real entity, not a function of the body. The self has a mandate to grow. It is the only aspect of the human existence that expands and evolves as we experience life. It is the mandate of Prometheum Institute to recognize and nurture this in every person we encounter. Therefore, we respect, and advocate that each person respects intelligence as the identity, and interact at that level, not as a the body with the need to survive. It sees any other objective as one that is self-limiting and destined to fail.

The thrust is to build personal strength and encourage you to manage yourself – because you want to so that you can better

  • build your personal character,
  • guide to your family,
  • extend your reach to be more successful in life, and
  • recover self-worth after losing it to a lifestyle that was destructive,

We consider this to be your personal journey, not one you must share with others. The guidance you will seek and receive will be offered privately, discreetly, and with real support. The objective is to build clarity within your vision of self, not just to manage an unhealthy behavior. We do, however, recognize that a person with an unhealthy behavior or even an addiction will have needed help from outside if only to get started. We see it as absolutely necessary, however, to still build, restore, and secure your self image even if you have successfully discarded an old habit.

The Lessons of the Understanding Change management techniques, the chats based on this understanding, the readings that use it, and the book that explains it further will simply explore life with you so you will be empowered to navigate your reality with self-driven passion, purpose, and poise, charting your own course, not one we give to you.

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