Life can sometimes seem tough.

But when you weather the storm, you get a sense of power, satisfaction.  Then life challenges you again.

The secret is to know.  As you know life and as you discover that life’s travails cannot destroy you, the true you, it becomes attractive, not just courageous to want to explore… cultivate what you have discovered… and propagate that knowledge.  Let us lead you there.


his is not difficult, but you will find that the guidance does not give you ready solutions. This is intentional because we want you to get your own solutions. What you will find, therefore, is that as you go through the program, you will start seeing things differently. You will naturally begin to accept trhings you onve felt were imposing. You wil not know why you are seeing them differently because that comes from your way of seeing life. As that changes, your insight and range of understanding changes.

We will give you the guidance in four formats.   And we ask that you go through each offering carefully, even dissecting it for its accuracy, then digesting what you will accept.  The process is very different from what you know.  Instead on working on you to help you feel better, we will be showing you how to understand yourself and life.  Just think – when you have something to do that you do not understand, it can seem huge, foreboding, opprressive. When you understand it, it can seem easy, manageable.  Yet, it didn’t change; you did.

One of the opportunities you have is to arrange a preview of the instructions.  You will do this by signing in to the PREVIEW OPTION.  Here you will get to view the whole program for a limited time.  Please do understand that the full benefit will come when you go through them systematically and digest the information offered.

Now, we seriously encourage you to go to the REGISTER page and start exploring some serious lessons on life, its instability, and your superior ability to use it to build a strong secure YOU!.

Here we will tell you a little about the four modalities of guidance you will receive. Have a look. Then do go to the registration page and get the full guidance. You will be positively stimulated by what you will learn there.

Video Tutorials

There are nineteen lessons arranged in a structured course.  The first is inserted here for you to examine.  AUDIOVISUAL LESSON 1.

Casual Chats

Our casual chats are offered as casual discussions on common themes seeing them through the perspective we are offering yo9u here.  There are several chats and more are added regularly.  YOU ARE NOT SHEEP.


Essays vary from the simple, single-page discussion of a topic or feeling to the more complex deliberations that give powerful direction explaining easily readable summaries of published scientific works.  We will also give you two essays here to show you what are available.



Private Message Box

The private message box is the absolute communication device.  You can ask any question, make any comment and know that it and any answer you receive will be personal, private, discreet.  It allows you to have an anonymous interaction with us to discuss a personal matter.  And we iwll respond in real time as we get a notice as soon as you write your comment.  What is more is that the communication is not across the internet as is email.  It stays on our server and only you can access it.  As this is a discreet and private service, we cannot enable it without your email.  Thus, we do not give you an access here. You will get your own mail box when you register.

Let’s now get the full guidance