Whether a person is

  • deep in an addiction they want to abandon
  • already clean but still unable to leave it behind
  • recovered from the use but not yet recovered their dignity
  • okay but want to have better control over their life

It is time. And here is an invitation to take the next step.  Being mature and responsible should not come with servitude, over-drive, or control.  It is the ability to feel competent, capable and productive when conditions are bad, just as when they are good.

Just think, when you want to make an empty glass useful, you fill it; you do not just remove the dust that collected in its emptiness.

When an addict or a lost soul has learned to be self-fulfilled, the lure of drugs or alcohol, casual sex, gambling, extravagant shopping, pleasure eating become things of the past.

because they have learned to like themselves more than they once liked those fillers.

Feel like talking?

We like to liaise with counselors to make a client’s transition effective and painless using the website: www.understandingchange.org.  But we will also work directly with a person who wants to build themselves but is not associated with a counselor.  If so,

Call us. Write us. Or just fill out the form and let us contact you.

It is easy and life-saving.

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Feel like reading?

This book will not talk to you about addiction.  It will talk to you about knowing and building the inner strength of you.  Of course addiction will be mentioned but it assumes that, as you learn to know and like you, your need to alter your perception of what you now like will be relieved.


You can purchase the book at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Chapters.

Restore and Keep Secure Your Dignity