Mental Strength

It never comes naturally.  Yet it is our most powerful asset.  Each person is required to build it.  And whatever we build is privately and indubitably ours!


if you really want to beat or conquer a drug habit, alcohol dependency, a predilection to gambling, sexual permissiveness, pornography, or senseless partying…

if you want to get out of the morass of emotional turmoil, sadness, loneliness, feelings of rejection, abuse, fear, anxiety, or the other feelings that make you lash out in anger…

if you want to really move forward in life, at school, in your career, in your marriage, with your family…

you must do more than fix the problem with other chemicals,

or replace it with other intoxicating activities

or rely on the emotional support of other people (who may be in the same mess differently) whether this support is online or in person.

you must instead be able to look within you and know how to pull yourself up rather than seek to suppress or stifle what brings you down.

You have to know that the problem is not with the outside.

It is not the fault of the things that stretch, oppress, or scare you.

or even the hidden elements that make your body sick or weak.

These happen to everybody.  They seem big when you are small.

You can fail or fall because your most important, most powerful attribute, the mind or soul that is you, your mental strength, is fragile, insufficient, or inaccessible and, therefore, vulnerable to the conditions you have to face.

When you cannot use your intelligence fully or primarily, you rely on your reactions and THAT puts you into trouble.

Life can be Tough

Let us show you how to make it easy, not by weakening the opposition or controlling the effect, but by finding you, building you, and appreciating you as the true font of reason and intelligence you are capable of reaching in every facet of your being.

We will show you that it is not those feeling or actions that cause you to become mentally compromised but it is that the fragility, insufficiency, or inaccessibility of your mental strength that allows those feelings or actions to emerge. Stop the feelings or actions and the mental weakness remains and reveals itself again (relapse).  Build the mental strength and the unhealthy actions and feelings no longer emerge.

You just have to know how.  And that is what we will lead you to examine and build.  There is no cost and no commitment.  We do not even want to know who you are.  Just use the guidance.  It is free,  entirely complimentary, and comprehensive.  No strings attached.

The world may seem to be recklessly oppressive, but no one should be its victim.

You can  be stronger than your challenges but you must know where to seek that strength

Like all lower life forms, every human being is born with a body that functions naturally.  We do not have to learn to beat the heart or operate the liver.  Unlike the lower life forms, however, we are endowed with a mind, a capacity for reason.  When fully developed, it will supersede any other biological, material, financial, or social strength, but it is rudimentary at birth.   It is the only quality we can build and are required to build.  And what we build belongs only to us. It is as strong as we have given it the energy to be.  Let us put our focus, therefore, on what matters – building mental strength to its highest potential and to be our greatest aspiration.

Let me show you how YOU can logically and purposefully elevate your mental strength to rise above any challenge or unhealthy response to it no matter how those challenges or unhealthy responses may already be established in your life.  Then you can shake off any addiction or dependency because YOU are strong – mentally, emotionally, existentially.

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