What is your game plan?

What do you want from your life?






Do you want to get away from the clutches of







irritability and hostility?

and have a normal, healthy, and purposeful life?

The world is tough But no one should be its victim.

You can  be bigger than your challenges but you must know how


Our approach to rehabilitation is unique and unusual. We do not see that people become mentally weak or insecure because they use or abuse drugs, alcohol, sex, shopping, gambling, or partying. We see that the mental weakness and insecurity existed causing the attraction to these activities as a way to soothe or avoid facing the emptiness or sadness within.  Therefore,

we focus on building mental strength.  Then, you stop using because the weakness that led you to use is no longer there.   You enjoy life because you feel good, not because of the artificial high you once sought or because you succeeded in staying clean, but because you do not want to lose the pleasure you have discovered of knowing you, liking you, and enjoying you as a being with purpose, reason and expanding confidence in who you are, why you are, and where you are going.

Like all lower life forms, every human being is born with a body that functions naturally.  We do not have to learn to beat the heart or operate the liver.  Unlike the lower life forms, however, we are endowed with a mind, a capacity for reason.  When fully developed, it will supersede any other biological, material, financial, or social strength, but it is rudimentary at birth.   It is the only quality we can build and are required to build.  And what we build belongs only to us. It is as strong as we have given it the energy to be.  Let us put our focus, therefore, on what matters – building mental strength to its highest potential and our greatest aspiration.

Let me show you how YOU can logically and purposefully elevate your mental strength to rise above any challenge or unhealthy response to it no matter how those challenges or unhealthy responses may already be established in your life.  Then you can shake off any addiction or dependency, manage any hostile or anger-driven disposition, because YOU are strong – mentally, emotionally, existentially.

If you wish you may attend a live workshop where you can ask questions and examine our approach to personal management.

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