Reclaim Your LIFE

Don't just practice self-restraint
Expand your mental strength instead

Be Ready to Face the World... with Creativity and Self-Assurance

A past attachment or dependency on drugs, alcohol, or other distractions must not be an act to be punished.  It was an escape from a life you could not manage.  Don’t just remove your pacifier without first learning to manage comfortably in the life you once feared.

A past behaviour of anger, criminal acts, or other offences that you once used when you felt attacked can only be stopped if you first learn to feel mentally strong that these conditions do not threaten you.

A past experience of burnout, anxiety, inferiority, or despair are best treated, not by removing the emptiness, but by filling yourself with the opposite – self-worth, purposefulness, self-assurance.

Go beyond recovery. Learn how to take life by the helm and navigate through it no matter the conditions.

Your key to a new and satisfying life

Give yourself the freedom you want.

Life is for Living – Not Surviving

Recovery – from drugs or alcohol, from Uncontrolled Anger, from a Criminal Past – should not be stifled by self-restraint or saddled with guilt.

It is about regaining life as you want it, as you should live it

Know Life

Appreciate Life

Live Life

Be A Life Changer

Recovery is not in being. It is in Loving, Reaching, Doing, Succeeding in life

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