Our sessions are personal, private, and intense.

The cost is very reasonable.  We are not covered by healthcare but we offer a sliding scale service you will be able to afford.

The first assessment is free.  It is not a superficial introduction.  We will get to know you and define a strategy that is suitable for you and unique to you.  Then we will discuss the costs and your affordability.  Don’t worry, it is geared to helping you, not making a business of you.


Our first meeting is designed to get to know you, not correct the behavior.  We spend as much time as is necessary to discover who you are, what are your strengths and limitations, your beliefs and your habits.  We take you back to childhood to discover how you were taught to see yourself and life.


This is not just a registration.  At the end of that first meeting we will tell you what are your real obstacles, what are your needs, why you have not been able to satisfy them, and what you need to do to pull yourself out of your rut.  You may choose to return or you may have realized what you need to do and that you can do it with the help of the audiovisual lessons.


Our target is always self-empowerment, not empowerment by us or other external supports. Therefore, if you can get the message after that first interview and go with it, we are happy; we have succeeded. If you need more, we are happy to see you again with a vision of assjsting you, building you, and encouraging you to surge forward with strength that comes from within you.

Here is our contact information

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