intelligently Virtual meeting room Let us explore ideas together

Mental communication is a virtual exercise, even in the physical presence of a counsellor.

We can share ideas and discuss interpretations while we see and hear each other just as we would do in a physical setting and just as effectively.


ur audiovisual forum is your meeting place.  When you attend, you will be in a familiar setting with other people seeking the same direction and reassurance you are seeking.  We will try to answer your questions that you ask privately in the chat box.  We will not ask you to display any personal feelings, concerns, or opinions publicly.  We will try to encourage you and guide you to face life more comfortably.


ou will be in the company of others from a varied background.  However, we will be educating you in an area that is commonly neglected, even in the most financially, professionally, or socially successful person just as with the least educated or financially comfortable ones.  It is in the area of existential being (noological as defined by Plato).  It is also in the area of science as we have used it to understand our physical reality and its impact on us.


hus it takes a significantly different route from traditional recovery or mental health support meetings.  Each meeting will be set for approximately two hours.  We will have no more than ten people in a meeting.  Meetings are conducted in a HIPAA compliant forum so your privacy is secure.  You may choose to reveal yourself or not, and you may choose to reveal your name or a nickname.  No personal questions will be asked.


ll meetings are offered free of charge.  The first introductory meeting is chosen by you below.  You may attend as many times as you wish.  The next meetings are available by invitation, and are still free.  Level two, for instance, can only be attended by those who have attended the introductory meeting.  Other discussions are also free and are offered by invitation only after attending the previous meeting.  Beyond the first two meetings you are required to study various sections of the Fireside Chats so we discuss in greater depth and focus.  We will guide you on what to study at each meeting.

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