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We want to help you with a drug or alcohol problem and the mood disorders associated with it. These are not two problems. Someone who feels good and balanced within will not succumb to drugs and alcohol. Someone who succumbs to drugs and alcohol does so to hide, soothe, or stifle personal feelings of inadequacy and loneliness.

Supervised self-study

How it works

One of the biggest challenges to managing a drug or alcohol dependency is that, after recovery, you are still faced with a rapidly evolving and dynamically changing reality. You may have removed the options that allowed you to soothe your pains or escape the impositions. Now you have to face them without having those options even if you have replaced them with less unhealthy alternatives. It is easy to assume that there is a damaged state or condition within you, even without identifying it. It is easy to consider that the stresses are unfair or designed to “push your buttons”. It is easy, therefore, to focus on continuing to treat that state, stop unfair impositions, or establish yourself within an artificially safe or welcoming place.

Though it is natural to consider the conditions displayed as the problem and their immediate management as the conclusion, they are not. They are manifestations of the problem. The inner insufficiency or emptiness still has to be addressed. ‘Using’ soothes or masks the emptiness, but not enough. So the using continues and becomes the addiction. And if we treat the addiction without filling the emptiness, the cycle continues. Or if we try to remove the emptiness, we are left empty-handed. How can one remove something that is not a presence? Emptiness is an absence. It is what happens when something is not there. It cannot be treated. Treatment only masks its void. It can’t be removed. Will an empty room automatically fill with people if one can perceivably remove the emptiness? If, however, one invites people into an empty room, the room is no longer empty. Isn’t it logical for us to do it with the most important attribute of the human being, the soul, the source of intelligent existence?


Our audiovisual platform is your meeting place. When you sign up, you will be invited to a private meeting with your counsellor who will introduce a unique approach to you. We know that you may want an immediate solution to managing your behaviour or mood, but we want to first find out why you were not able to get the answer yourself. We will explore your history, not of the behaviour or mood, but of your development. We can see what was not done by examining what was. Then we show you how to fill those holes. The lessons will enlighten you on your reality – why it can be harsh or cruel, and will always be so no matter what. Then, it will show you how to see your vulnerabilities- your need for acceptance, belonging – and how to develop the resilience to live above or beyond them. This technique does not make your life simpler. Rather, it shows you how to live comfortably and purposefully in a difficult life.

You may have been led to believe that recovery is a lifelong process. Let us correct that. Life and living it purposefully is a lifelong process. Recovery is just the first stage of emergence from an abnormal state, behaviour or mood.  You still have to take your place as a human being who can reason, create solutions.  You want to be that person, not one who lives protected by the strength of someone else.  All you need is a belief in yourself, one that stays immune to the circumstances around you. We will show you how to get that. You may also think that helping you deal with an established drug or alcohol problem is a difficult undertaknig.  It is.  But we make it simple by working at building your strength, not comforting you in your weakness. 

Our plan is simple.  You work with the personal development tools available here. They are geared to give you a logical framework to define and see yourself as a creative mind with a body, not a body with a creative mind.  This is different and seemingly strange from this position.  We will show you how to see that, naturally. Your counsellor continues to guide you however you have arranged – through private billings or through our one-time membership fee that gives you access no matter when.  This platform remains a connection and a resource center you can go back to any time.

You may wish to use one of our counsellors for private, personalized guidance. If so, please use this option. It may seem expensive but is far less than any other private treatment because your counsellor remains your personal tutor at no further cost until you feel strong enough to leave the nest and go off on your own. Your cost fo this no matter how long or how intensely you need our assistance is:


Personalized Guidance

You may wish to use our instructions while you continue to with your own counsellor. Your counsellor may have suggested that this will assist in his/her work with you. If so, please use this option. Your counsellor remains your personal tutor until you feel strong enough to leave the nest and go off on your own. Your cost for access to this material no matter how long or how frequently you wish to go back to it is:


Supervised Self-Study