You have identified yourself as a counsellor, a professional whose job is to mentor your clients.  Mentoring is a far more difficult yet far more satisfactory occupation than is that of facilitator or healer. As a mentor, therefore, you are not one who follows a script set by someone else or one learned at college or apprenticeship.  You are someone who must know the territory you are leading your charges to manage, and also the territory of that person’s mind, the facility he/she uses to manage within their reality. These discourses will take you along that journey.  You will leave, not with dogmas or doctrines, but with an examination of these two conditions and how to get into them.  Therefore, please examine thyem, not as a counsellor looking for a technique you can apply and use, but as a person looking to expand your vision of life, responsiobility and purpose.

You are invited to view all the modules and use them as an adjunct to your management of your clients.  You can send your clients to the website to view the podcasts and come back and discuss their questions with you.  There is no cost or obligation for this.  You are also invited, if you have viewed all the modules, to use that exercise as a study credit.  We are qualified to offer 25 Hours study credits for the full completion of this course by both the CACCF and CCPA.

To claim your credits you must submit the three quizzes and then have an interview with us as an online appointment.  The cost of the online appointment is $200.00.  This will be the full cost of the course and the certificate of completion.

We look forward to sharing this wonderful approach to “self-realization beyond recovery” with you.

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