You have identified yourself as a counsellor, a professional whose job is to mentor your clients.  Mentoring is a far more difficult yet far more satisfactory occupation than is that of facilitator or healer. As a mentor, therefore, you are not one who follows a script set by someone else or one learned at college or apprenticeship.  You are someone who must know the territory you are leading your charges to manage, and also the territory of that person’s mind, the facility he/she uses to manage within their reality. These discourses will take you along that journey.  You will leave, not with dogmas or doctrines, but with an examination of these two conditions and how to get into them.

A request submitted through the below form will allow you complimentary access to all modules.  If, at any point, you also wish to receive study credits, you will be asked to complete the quizzes in Modules 2, 4, and 6. We will interact personally, giving you feedback and measuring your participation.  There is a fee for each of these interactions.  The fee is $90.00 CAD as it requires personalized interaction, the assessment, feedback, and confirmation.  This course has been approved for 25 hours study credits by CACCF and CCPA. You may, however choose to simply use the material in your practice or as a reference for your clients without seeking study credits.  In that case, unlimited access is offered to you at no cost.

Professional therapists who wish to use this platform with your clients may request complimentary access

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