Help clients build
Meaning and Purpose
Go Beyond Recovery

Beyond Recovery

Beyond Recovery

What happens Beyond Recovery?


Do your clients have to tread on eggshells while they focus completely on being clean?


What do they do with the rest of their lives? Is it sufficient to survive? Function within the recovery community? And have that as their ultimate aspiration?


How do they deal with adversity? As it comes from new twists to old and previously familiar challenges? The demands and expectations of other people, old and new, whose impact will not always be agreeable?


Can they learn to put past diversions and old conflicts behind and restart their journey through the rest of life with independence, creativity, and a strong sense of purpose?


Meaning and purpose do not come naturally. They have to be taught. By default our clients do not have these, or they may have them in fragile, superficial, or exacting forms. To show them how to build these, can be an easy and productive exercise if done with the insight and focus this course will give you… Beyond Recovery


This course is designed to empower you, the provider, by offering

  • a format for taking the position of authority, not through the imposition of set rules and expectations, but through a creative understanding of purpose, meaning, and the role of spirituality in life management
  • a scientific method of reaching within the client’s core by using reason above technique
  • a logical framework for engaging clients in revealing weaknesses and insecurities and discussing them without reservation
  • a focus on how to get clients to build strengths in preference to healing weakness
  • the insight to guide clients to build a sense of meaning that is logical, purposeful, and impervious to change, not just ask them to have what they do not know how to get

This course is self directed (with oral, written, and audiovisual guidance by request on an individual basis) and has been approved for

25 hours CE credits from CACCF, NAADAC, CCPA

The full cost of this course, including support and certificate of completion, unrestricted continued access and the use of the Empowered Aftercare resources with clients is: $375.00 CAD

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