our goal is to help anyone who needs or wants it

to build or rebuild mental strength so they can make their journey

a process of self-empowerment and self-actualization, not just of survival.

The concept of self-empowerment is based on a simple assertion. This is that the lack of power

  • to function with emotional stability despite the challenges
  • to circumvent or overcome the emptiness of despair, addiction, anger, or dependency
  • to stop, manage, or replace an unhealthy behaviour or addiction
  • to go forward with confidence and a sense of purpose

has often been considered a disease. That is true. There is a disease. It is, however, not a disease like any other, and it is not incurable… because it is not a disease that emerges as a distortion or destruction of a natural order.

You see? A disease is the result of a distortion from a natural order.  Think of diabetes, hypertension, pneumonia.  There is a natural order that was distorted by a condition. The order has to be restored or the condition treated for the natural order to return.

In mental health and in the management of addictive or other unhealthy behaviour, we cannot see or measure the underlying disease, and thus cannot truly heal it.  We know what the natural order can and should be – a clarity of thinking and feeling that can withstand the barbs of life. That, however, is not an order that comes naturally.  Feral children have shown us that.  (they may have grown physically but remain rudimentary at the mental level)  It is an order, therefore, that has to be taught or restructured through guidance, discipline, and encouragement.

Our assertion, therefore, is that there is a natural disorder, an inborn insufficiency that must be filled. Like an empty glass that cannot be filled by removing the emptiness but by providing content, so too does the insufficient mind require input.

We just have to know where to look. Then we will find that the disease is only a disorder because natural order has not been generated or nurtured sufficiently. Therefore we do not leave the disorder as a fait accompli, a state that defines the person. We show you how to fix the disorder by learning why and how to create order, and encourage you to ignite or re-ignite a passion for the journey.

Life is a journey, a journey to the achievement of clarity from the origin of darkness.