Can I use the information within a structured treatment setting?

As a counselor, you are not a robot.  You are a professional with a mandate to assist your clients to full recovery.  Any method that helps your client and you are comfortable using is your responsibility.  You can add techniques while also respecting the preferences of management.  We are not offering controversial or illogical content.  We are simply showing you how to get to that most illusive aspect of your client, his/her rational mind.  It will only be emphasized that the human being is unique as a self-actualized and self-determined existent.  This is not a function of the brain.  Such has never been discovered.  In fact, the brain is not that much different from that of other higher mammals.  You will be shown how it is possible to recognize the mind as something that clearly exists but is not measurable or identifiable, and increase your ability to work with it.

The course does not seem to offer a structured program.

That is correct.  Unlike programs like CBT or Mindfulness that shows how to correct or structure the behavior of your client, this focuses on giving you insights that allow you to understand and influence the client to be self-actualized and self-assured.  It is like learning a formula that allows you to see within the client’s fears and limitations and know why they are there.  Then you share the formula with the client so he/she does the same.  This allows you to create a unique relationship with each client.

Does registration cost cover all study and material?

Yes. The initial fee allows you to start using the lessons freely.  It also includes the webinars and direct communication with us using the private message feature.  It includes the issue of the certificate on completion.

In addition, you are allowed continued access to the site to refresh your understanding or use material.  This access is open for a full year.

What are the objectives of this course

The major objective is to be able to understand your client better.

The secondary objectives are to

  • be able to empower the client to get better on his/her own volition
  • reduce the stresses on you by a totally dependent client
  • enjoy your interaction with your clients

These will be achieved in a progressive way as you understand and apply your knowledge in practice.  You may want to retake the course at a deeper level at another time.  This is encouraged.  You may also simply be attached to Prometheum Institute as a resource you can use as you interact with clients.  We welcome that request.

Does this course provide specific techniques I can apply immediately?

Yes and no.  Unlike CBT or Mindfulness that steers you and the client into doing specific acts that can change behavior, this course focuses on both your ability to look at what drives the person not what the person does, and stabilizing the connection you make with the client as a rational being.  Thus, there are no structured exercises for you or the client to do.  Instead, you will get a way to seek understanding of the client, a technique you will be able to apply as soon as you get it.

Do you provide practical applications to specific problems?

Yes, but that comes only in the third section.  There are so many specific problems that can crop up that we will only deal with some of the more common ones.  As you get more comfortable with this mode of relating to clients you will devise your own methods.  We will, however, be available during the year you are with us to discuss any particular concern you may have.

After taking the course, is there any support using this approach to client care?

Yes.  First, you can continue to communicate with us using the private message box.  Use this to discuss a challenging client or to request assistance on a personal matter, that is, one that affects your performance as a counselor.

Second, you are invited to continue using us as a resource beyond the year that is associated with the CE course.  This can be done as a Higher Level (Level II or III)

If I find the couse is not for me, can I withdraw without penalty?

Yes.  Sometimes, though my own passion and insight determines that the course will be as useful to you as I have found it in my own practice or with other people I have taught, it is not necessarily so for everyone.  If, after registering, you find that the content is too boring, too difficult, or too different for your liking, please let us know and we will withdraw you and refund your full fee.  If you have completed any section, you will be given your credits for that which you have completed and a prorated amount will be refunded.

Please understand that, should you withdraw even after completing one or more sections, it will be considered that you are not interested in using the rest of the site.  You access will be terminated when your refund has been sent.

Is there a penalty for termination?

No. We believe in the value of the course and our primary goal is to share this with those who request it.  Therefore, if you find no value in it, we will refund your investment with no penalty.  As stated in another FAQ, if you have completed part of the course, you will be given your credits but your refund will deduct the cost of whatever you have used.

Is this contrary to the disease model of addictions?

No.  The disease model focuses on the addiction. Though there are no hard rules regarding the cause/effect nature of it, there is evidence of a disease process.  This model is offered in parallel to that or any other model.  It is purely a tool for communicating mentally and emotionally with the client.  Regardless of what you may do for the addiction, it is also necessary to know how to navigate that most elusive and invisible target – the human mind, its fears, limitations, objectives and capabilities.