Prometheum Institute

Secure Your Mental Health

By building Mental Strength to deal with life composedly

Life can be more secure and pleasant if you build yourself to be greater than your challenges than if you can make your challenges smaller than you!

We invite you to examine your Mental Health and develop ways to secure it, not just protect it.  Mental Health is not a mysterious state that we either have or do not have.   It is a state we are responsible to build, not just experience.

On the other side, abnormal or confused feelings (anger, anxiety, insecurity, apathy, despair) and unhealthy or destructive behaviour (drug or alcohol use, neurotic participation in unproductive diversions like gambling, pornography, social submissiveness, performance excess) are states of mental weariness or insecurity. They are the lack or instability of mental health.  Treating or suppressing them alone, therefore, is not enough. Building what is insufficient is absolutely necessary.  We invite you to do that.

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First, What We Do

Our approach to the management of experiential and behavioural mental health is educational, not therapeutic. Though it appears to be a complex undertaking, it is logical and uncomplicated if approached through education. Therapy deals with the effects. Education deals with the cause.

We show you that you are an intelligent life-force with a mandate to build mental strength. In other words, unlike any other organ system that functions automatically from the get-go, we are required to build mental strength through exposure (to a variety of conditions), education (to be able to examine them logically), and discipline (to accept the responsibility). The stability of that strength is your mental health.

  •  Sometimes you may have learned to bypass having to build it by feeding it from value systems based on what you own, who you know, or your physical strength, stamina, or appearance. Then your mental strength can only be as secure or as specious as these are. When they fail or are threatened, your entire being, your identity, will fail and your mental strength with it.
  • Sometimes you may have been led to consider that the extreme development of one or a narrow range of conditions is enough. Then you may discover that life will still challenge you outside of that comfort zone at times when you cannot evade them or stay ensconced in the areas where you are most at ease.
  • Sometimes your possession of these attributes may have allowed you seemingly impervious strength. Yet it is a strength that can be fickle. Friends aren’t always there, what you own may not always keep its value, and even a tiny virus or unexpected injury can cause your appearance or physical stamina to fade.

Our goal, therefore, will be to guide you to discover a powerful existential strength based on psycho/socio/spiritual values and use it to build the insight to face a variety of conditions with your own strength and your own determination.  Then, we show you how to realize and define yourself by it.  You learn to feel good because you know and like you, not what was made attractive by external additions that actually stagnate and enfeeble the real you.


We are serious about what we do

Our drive is to refocus you to build and secure your own mental health so that it is stable and powerful even in trying or stressful conditions. This is easy and possible because YOU do it. We only refocus you and guide you to go through the process. And like any other type of education, it is a process you will have for the rest of your life.

Our audiovisual platform is your connection to us. It allows us to offer you guidance and to explain even difficult concepts because our presentations are all in audio-visual constructs just as though we are in the same room with you. Yet, it is private, personable, and secure.

Our work with you will be intense, encouraging, and enlightening. There is no judgment or diagnostic categorization. We understand that mental health can be compromised, not because something is wrong with you, but because your mental strength is too aligned to conditions that are unstable. Their instability makes your mental health unstable. Therefore, we see it as a transient experience that may have remained too long rather than a definition of your personality or identity.

So we show you how to look at why you have fixed your identity to those unstable supports, why they are unstable, and how to align yourself to value systems that reflect the power of you.  We show you that you are a psycho-socio-spiritual existent who can grow to great strength, not just one whose strength is determined by physical, material, genetic, financial, or social factors.  And we show you how to empower and secure that definition of self.

We do not analyze what happens because your mental health has been compromised. We see untoward feelings simply as manifestations of that instability and unhealthy behaviours as the actions you take to try to soothe or normalize it. What we direct you to look for may not seem obvious to you but, by looking for what you have used as your value system and how you were led there, we can easily and painlessly point you to a logical and realistic alternative that is secure, flexible, and strong.

We will provide you with a lot of basic insights that will introduce you to stable and powerful value systems that logically center within you. With an internally driven mental strength, your mental health remains stab le and immune to the impact of unstable external systems. The lessons and the other discourses that support them will give you the power to be ‘your own advisor’. That way, you will find less need for external advice and your interactions with your counsellor will be as little or as infrequent as you like without losing any momentum.

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